3 Events in April

April was a busy month in Denver, we had three events so we definitely got our fill of magic this month. First, we had Bronson Chadwick perform his original chopstick and Chinese coin production from mid air. He also suggested to keep you patter short to help keep peoples interest and attention when doing any trick. Bronson did a 6-card repeat and made silks escape from a corked bottle.


Next we had our Plastic Magic night. That is always a fun night and this time it was extra special because some of our members did a father and son and father son and daughter magic trick performing together for the first time! Plastic cups and balls, ball in vase, plastic cut and restored rope, sward and ring penetration box, hot rods, a plastic compass that always points to the spectator and the Spangler’s brought in some antique Anverdi plastic wine bottles. Those were so cool to see the construction and method.


Finally, we had long time member Steve Aldrich perform his last show/lecture in Denver before moving to Montana.  Steve showed us some of his favorite tricks. His Miser’s Dream load system, different gimmicks he has created, a two ring separation, six card repeat, card at any number and he did three deck switches that none of us caught!  He also had a couple magical apparatuses for sale and did a couple versions of a trick called Cosmic Blue Ray along with a Chink a Chink performance. We also honored Steve with a Life Time Membership to the Mile High Magicians’ Society for all he has done for Denver and Colorado.