Dear Friends in Magic (and especially Friends with a Memory– or, at least, good records):

We are trying to assemble the significant dates, the important events in the history of the Mile High Magician’s Society. Nearly all of the material below was compiled by Dr. Edmund Prendergast. Thanks to Doc, we have a fairly complete record of the Magic Clubs of Colorado. If you have information — printed or written, or if you notice any changes that need to be made, please let us know!

This information below was auto recognized from a series of scans. Please note that it is edited on a regular basis but is still in a very simple/disorganized state. Let us know if you’d like to help us get this page in better shape!


1941: August 2.   The Colorado Assembly of Magicians is Organized: Charter  Members are:  Floyd Brown, Wilbur Kattner, William Le Mont (William F.Burford), Wayne Le Roy, Harry B. Linaberry, Orville Meyer, G. A . Shuers  and Sam Wolff.

1942:  Danny Dew was President of the group (CAM) while serving as Chef at the Brown Palace Hotel. Howard Wise became a new  Member

1943:  September: Rev. Conrad Rheiner organizes The Young Magician’s Club:  The Denver Brotherhood of Magicians. Members include:  Bob Bergheim, Robert Fortna, Jimmie Patterson, Tom Palmer, Johnny Sayer, Bob Shriver, Jerry Sorenson, Roy Sporer – Warren Methodist Church

1943:  October 28:   The First Annual Houdini Program at Fitzsimmons Post Theatre.

The List of Members includes:   Evye Lee Brown, Floyd Brown, J. Teller Brunton,  Dwayne L. Hall, John Holoubek (Holt), Wilbur Kattner, Harry Linaberry, Orville Meyer, Jim Patterson, Rev. Conrad Rheiner, Bob Shriver, Jerry Sorenson and Sam Wolff.

1944: January 8. The Colorado Assembly of Magicians affiliates with The Society of American Magicians as Assembly Number 37. Charter Members include: Evye Lee Brown, Floyd Brown, John (Holt) Holoubek, Harry Linaberry, Orville Meyer, Jim Patterson, Rev. Conrad Rheiner, Bob Shriver , Jerry Sorenson, Sam Wolff.


Pres: Tiny Grant  (Ralph Matthiessen) Veep:  Al  Johnson

Sec/Treas: J. Teller Brunton

Sgt. at Arms:  Charles Barton Editors:

Membership List:  1946-1947:

Pres:   Charles L. Major Veep:   Dwayne Hall

Sec!Treas:   J. Teller Brunton Sgt. at Arms:  Charles Barton

Editors:  Ed Prendergast and Orville Meyer

Dunbar “Cub” Bair Floyd E. Brown, Dr. J. Lyndon Carman, James C. Crumbaugh, Dwayne Hall, William T. Howard, Harry C. Linaberry, Jack Morger, Thomas S. Palmer, Albert H. Powers, Robert L. Shriver, Irvin Turvey, Jr., Charles J. Barton, Charles W. Brunton, Harold W. Clark, Robert E. Cunningham, Floyd R. Harris, William G. T. Hyer, Thomas  M. Loescher. U. Grant Mosier, Jr, Charles A . Parker, Dr. Edmund T. Prendergast, Lee R. Smith, Edward Whittlesey, Paul L. Britt, Evelyn Lee Brown, J. Teller Brunton, Jimmy Campbell, Joseph S. Cohen, Fred M. Cretors, Tiny Grant, Alfred Hall, John C. Holt, Dr. Lynn Hopple, Albert F. Johnson, Sydney B. Lamb, Charles L. Major, Orville W. Meyer, Richard F. Moss, David W. Oyler, James B. Patterson, George H. Pittman, Earl Reum, Walter Sherman, Al Sharpe, Vance R. Smith, Joe E. Tracey, Karl Zomar, F. Glenn T. Harrison

1946: Bob Cunningham and Warren Platt open The Aladdin Magic Studio to manufacture equipment.

1946: The Colorado Brotherhood of Magicians  (Young Magician’s Club) forms and meets weekly at The Pratt Book Store (and Magic Shoppe)   Members include:  Jack Becker, Tom Brown, Gary Bryant, Bob Castle, Mike Cornwall, Dick Cosslett, Bill Galbreath, Ron Gardenschwartz, Terry Keepers, Marlen Legault, Ed Lampert, Fred Lilly, Wayne Minge, Jack Morger, Ernie Nassimbene, Chester Preisser Jr., Earl Reum, Ron Schwartz, Don Snapp, Jerry Snapp, Curtis Songster, Bob Straub, Bob White, Bob Yegge -­ and eventually, everyone who was ever interested in Magic!

Pres:   Dr.  Edmund T. Prendergast

Veep:  Orville Meyer

Sec: J. Teller Brunton

Treas: Joe E. Tracy/ Dwayne L. Hall

Editor:  Orville Meyer

Sgt. at Arms: Al Gallatin

Delegate:  Thomas K. Hawbecker

Pres:  Orville Meyer

Veep: Chester J. Preisser Sec:  J. Teller Brunton

Treas: Dwayne L. Hall I    April 2 Colo Bro. Show

Sgt. at Arms: Sydney B. Lamb

Editor:  John Holt and Sydney Lamb


In 1949, The Club Sponsors the SAM Convention in Denver:  May 16, 17, 18, 1949, Hotel Shirley-Savoy

Conference Chairman: Dr. Edmund T. Prendergast.

Program and Printing:  Fred M. Cretors and Irving Ehrilich.

Conference Treasurer:  Dwayne L. Hall

Technical Advisor:  David Oyler

Decorations and Art Work:  John Holt and Sidney Lamb

Contests and Prizes:  Chester Preisser, Chairman; Members:  John Holt, Jack Morger, Walter Pratt, Bob Shriver and Earl Reum.

Ladies’ Entertainment:   Evye Lee Brown, Chairperson;  Members:  Yvonne Prendergast, Madeline Linaberry, Marjorie Meyer, Eunice Major.

Tickets:  Tom Munroe

Dealer Exhibits: Tiny Grant, Chuck Major, Walter Pratt.

Banquet and  Refreshments:  Vance R. Smith.

Registration and Hotel Reservations:   Dick Moss, Chairman.

Reception:  Harry Linaberry, Chairman; Members:  Orville Meyer, George Pittmen, Tom Munroe , J. Teller Brunton, Dunbar “Cub”  Bair.

Conference Shows and Special Events:   Floyd Brown, Chairman.; Members:  Dunbar “Cub” Bair,

Special Sponsors & Technical Arrangement for Shows: Floyd Brown, Tiny Grant, John Holt, Orville Meyer .

Photography:  Joe E. Tracey, Chairman; Member: Dwayne Hall

Publicity:  Ed Whittlesey


Pres: Chester J. Preisser

Sr. Veep: Judge David Oyler

Sec. J. Teller Brunton

Treas.  Fred Cretors

Sgt. at Arms:  Sydney Lamb

Editors: Earl Reum, Tom Munroe, Syd Lamb

Official Roster: June, 1951: (Not included)



Pres:  J. Teller Brunton

Veep: Fred M. Cretors

Sec:  Sydney B. Lamb

Treas: Sydney B. Lamb

Sgt. at Arms: Carleton Bowman and William Hastings

Robert M. Bergheim Robert W. Bornschlegel, J. Teller Brunton Joe S. Cohen, Irving Reynold Ehrlich, William T. Hastings, F. Glenn Harrison, Harold B. Jones, Wayne A . Minge, Chester I. Newlin, Chester J. Preisser, Robert I. Shriver, Charles 0. Voigt, LeRoy L. Armstrong, Carlton F. Bowman, James K. Campbell, Fred M. Cretors, Albert H. Gallatin, Barry E. McGuire, John C. Holoubek, Sydney B. Lamb, H. Mason Morfit, David W. Oyler, Dr. Edmund T. Prendergast, Vance R. Smith, William R. Wright, George Bayers, Evelyn W . Brown, Dr. J. Lyndon Carman, Floyd J. Christ, Judge Philip B. Gilliam, Alfred H. Hall, Dr. Lynwood M. Hopple, Charles L. Major, Jack M. Morger, Dr. Jess M. Peabody, Earl L. Reum, Donald R. Snapp, Dunbar Bair, Floyd Edwin Brown, Harold Clark, James C. Crumbaugh, Tiny Grant, Dwayne L. Hall, Jack W. Hurlbut, Orville W . Meyer, Thomas G. Munroe, Walter S. Pratt, Clarence William Rose, Maj. Andrew P. Telfer

(1952:?Clarity being looked at.)

Pres: Fred M. Cretors

Veep: Carlton Bowman

Sec: Sydney B. Lamb

Treas: Sydney B. Lamb

Sgt. at Arms: William Hastings


Pres:  Fred M. Cretors

Veep: F. Glenn Harrison

2nd Veep: Syd Lamb

Sec: Al Gallatin

Treas: Irving Ehrlich

Sgt. at Arms: Floyd Crist and Wm.  Hastings

1953: On January 10, IBM Ring 131 receives its Charter.

Charter Members are:  Robert Bergheim, J. Teller Brunton, John Clemons, Fred Cretors, Al Gallatin, Forrest Hamilton, F. Glenn Harrison, Dr. Linwood Hopple, Arch Jeffries, Sydney Lamb, Harry Linaberry, Charles L. Major, Ernie Nassimbene, Allan Nay, Walter Pratt, Dr. Edmund Prendergast, Chester J. Preisser , Vance R. Smith, Robert White, Paul Wilkinson.


1953:  August 10,  Chuck Major Organizes “The Major Mystics” who meet weekly at Major Magic Studios.

Members include:  B.D. Bottoms, Neil Brewer, John Cleaver, Dick Cosslett,  Ron Schwartz, John Bruce, Eddie Serfozo, Sheila Hannigan, Randy Stites


1953-54: Forrest Hendricks is l.B.M. President


Pres: F. Glenn Harrison

Veep: Al Gallatin

Sec:   Arch Jeffries

(researching scan relic: April: Gali Gali at Top of Park)

Treas:  Arch Jeffries

Sgt. at Arms: Robert Bergheim



Pres:  Robert Bergheim

Veep: Lester Carlston

Carl Ravel at Top of Pk

Sec:   Wayne Minge

Treas: Wayne Minge

Sgt. at Arms: Jack Foster/ Jack Randall


Pres: Lester Carlston

Veep: Arch Jefferies

Sec: Tom Munroe

Treas: Tom Munroe

Editors: Don Snapp/ Earl Reum



Pres:  Arch Jefferies

Veep: Tom Munroe

Sec:  Ernie Nassimbene

Treas: Ernest Nassimbene

Business Manager:  Hans Landay


Pres: Tom Munroe

Veep: Hans Landay

Sec: Edward McCune

Treas: Edward McCune

Sgt. at Arms:

The Mile High Magician’s Society  forms on June 1, 1958,  as “the umbrella” for Denver Magic Clubs — This included The Society of American Magicians Assembly #37 and IBM Ring #131.


Pres:  Hans Landay

Veep: Al Gallatin

Sec:  Paul Wilkinson

Treas: Paul Wilkinson

Sgt. at Arms: Vance Smith/ Fred Putz


Pres: Al Gallatin

Veep:  Bob Chester

Sec:  James Evans

Treas: James Evans


Pres: Bob Chester

Veep : Robert Bergheim

Sec: James Evans

Treas: James Evans


Pres: Wayne Minge

Veep:  Dave Snyder

Sec:  James Evans

Treas: David Snyder



Pres:  Wayne Minge

Veep:  Bruce Spangler

Sec:  James Evans

Treas: James Evans


Official Roster: September, 1963: Floyd E. Brown Dwight G. Kier Thomas G. Munroe Lindsay E. Smith, Dr. James B. Evans Sydney B. Lamb Walter S. Pratt David C. Snyder

Dr. Harry A. Grant Wayne Minge Earl L. Reum Bruce Spangler


F. Glenn Harrison John M. Moody, Jr. Elbert G. Rose James Driver


Pres: Bert Rose Veep: Dwight Kier Sec: James Driver Treas:  James Driver



Pres: James Driver Veep:  Dave Snyder Sec:  Tony Borrillo Treas:  Bob Chester

1965-66:            Membership 13 people Pres: Bert Rose

Veep: Ralph Liedholt Sec:  Bob Chester Treas: Bob Chester Sgt. at Arms:



Pres: Earl Reum

Veep: Earl Davis/ Dr. Ed Prendergast Sec:  James Driver

Treas: James Driver/ Finished year with116 Mem Sgt. At Arms:  Ralph Leidholdt

1967-68 :

Pres:  Lindsay Smith Veep:  Bruce Spangler Sec:  Jim Driver

Treas: Jim Driver

Sgt. at A rms: Ralph Leidholdt


1968-69:   Ed Schuman is National S.A.M. Pres. Pres: Clancy Wise

Veep:  Forrest Hendricks Sec:  Jerry Printz

Treas: John Viner

Sgt. at Arms : Norm Edwards


Pres:  Clancy Wise

Veep: Forrest Hendricks Sec: Jerry Printz

Treas:  John Viner

Sgt. at Arms: Norm Edwards



Pres: Allan Few Veep: Warren Bailey Sec: Jim Driver Treas: John Viner

Sgt. at Arms:  Harvey Brachman


Pres: Bruce Spangler Veep : Earl Reum

Sec: Lindsay Smith

Treas: Dr. Edmund T. Prendergast Sgt. at Arms: Jim Evans



Pres:  Bob Chester

Veep: Allan Few/ Al Gallatin Sec : Forrest Hendricks

Treas: Tony Borrillo/ Mary Klayder Sgt. at Arms: Warren Bailey


Pres:  Earl Reum Veep:  Bruce Spangler Sec:  James Evans

Treas: Jim Klayder/ Tom Munroe Sgt. at Arms: Warren Bailey



Pres: Bert Rose Veep : Allan Few Sec:  Lon Egbert

Treas: Larry Campbell (Zeezo)

Sgt. at Arms:  Dwight Lamb/ Howard Shipley

Official Membership Roster: 1974

Steve Aldrich Bob Bergheim Harry Bolter Floyd E. Brown

Larry Allen (Sad Sack) Charles Bitter

Tony Borrillo Kevin Brumfiel

Baker W . Armstrong Jamey Black

Don R. Boyle

Larry Campbell (Zeezo)

Warren Bailey Darlene Bodnar Harvey Brockman Robert Chester

Frances Cinquanta

Bruce Davine

Grover Clanton

Earl Davis

Henry Cranford

Ken Davis

Larry Crowley Clinton Detweiler

James Driver

Frank Dunn

Norm Edwards

Barbara Evans

James B. Evans

Allan G. Few

Lon Egbert

Wayne Francis

Al Gallatin

Carole Garcia

Ken Gaunt

Jess Gerardi

Eddie Goldstein

Jim Halbert

Lew Green

Allen Hanners

Gary Grossembacher

Max Hapner

Hudson Grotzinger Don Heider

Mark Hellerstein

Forrest Hendricks

Arthur Higginson

V ern Holder

Lynwood Hopple

Burton T Howard {Chandu)

Arch Jefferies

Glenn Jo hnson

Rick Johnson

Ruth Johnson

Don Keller

C. Patric Kelley

Jeff  Kelley

Sam Kent {The Wizard)

Dwight Kier

Steven King

Robin Klaus

Don Krill

Dwight Lamb

Dan MacMillan


Chuck Major

Anton io Marti

Cleve McCarty

Charles McPherson

Orville Meyer

Harold Mills

Scott Mitts

George Moore

Tom Munroe

Ned Nedbalski

Harley Noles

Ernie Nowles

Gilbert Ortiz

Todd Orton

W ill Pelon

Don Peterson

Dave Peterson

Jim Pickrell

Andy Pojman

Walt Pratt

Chester Preisser

Edmund Prendergast

Je rry Printz

Vince  Purcell

Jack Reitsma

Earl Reum

Harold Riemer

E. G. Bert Rose

Thomas Ross

V irginia  Rundberget

Edw in Sanders

Bob Scheer

Ed Schuman

Bob Damon Schmidt

Cindy Schwab

Jay Shannon

Brian Shannon

Lilburn E. Shaw

Bob Shriver

Ernie Simon

DeRoy W . H. Slagle

Lindsay Smith

Vance  Smith

C. Bruce Spangler

Greg Stahme r

John Starnes

Robert M. Stanley

John Steddom

Duane Stillwell

Randy Stites

Willard A. Tolliver

Wayne Valero

John Viner

John Warfield

Brent Warren

Wayne Weaver

Shelby Whaley

Jim White

Pat White

Danny Wiley

Paul Wilkinson

Clancy Wise

Duayne Wolfe

William Quig Wysong

Richard Youmans

Bill Keith

Reg Devers

David Disney

Phil Disney

Jody Dulberg

Dave Elstun

Richard R. Euchler

Randy Kline

Robert D. LaRue

Don Turner

John Edward Nowery

Howard Shipley

Dale H. Switzer



Pres: Tony Borrillo

Veep: Robert Nedbalski/ Warren Bailey Sec:  Lon Egbert/ Paul Barr

Treas: Gilbert Ortiz

Sgt. at Arms:  Howard Shipley/ Ed Garcia Sgt at Arms: Editor:   Lon Egbert/ Robert Sode



Pres:  Ernie Simon Veep: Dan McMillan Sec:  Ed Garcia Treas: Ed Garcia

Sgt at Arms: Jay Shannon Editor:  Sam Kent



Pres:  Robert “Ned” Nedbalski  Grievance Com. Veep: Ernie Simon/ Paul Barr             Bruce/ Lon/ Sec : Virginia Rundberget/ Gil Ortiz   Eddie, Bert, Treas: Virginia Rundberget/ Gil Ortiz ,   Sam Kent Sgt. at Arms:

Editor: Andrew Davis     Christian (Lee) 11/ 12/76



Pres:  Robert Sode/ Bob Schlageter Veep:  Robert Schlageter

Sec: Virginia Rundberget Treas : Virginia Rundberget Sgt at Arms : Randy Stites

Editor: Dan Rodney (Rodriguez)

Historians:  Warren Bailey/ Floyd Brown

Official Roster, June, 1978:


Antonio J. Borrillo Charles McPherson Ill Ed Garcia

Arch H. Jeffries Dan MacMillan Chester  Preisser

Edward A. Schuman

David C. Snyder, Sr. Theresa Wilson


Floyd E. Brown James Driver Eddie  Goldstein Sam Kent

Chuck Major

Dr. E. T. Prendergast Jay Shannon

Bruce Spangler Clancy Wise


Bob Chester Lon  Egbert Max Hapner Dwight Kier Orville Meyer

Dr. Earl L. Reum Ernie Simon Dean Tollefsen

William A. Wysong


Larry Campbell Allan G. Few Forrest  Hendricks Dwight Lamb

Robert “Ned” Nedbalski

E. G. “Bert” Rose Lindsay Smith Paul Wi lkinson

1979-80:                  Antonio Marti: 1st Pl. PCAM Pres:  Henry Cranford

Veep: David Neighbors Sec: Virginia Rundberget Treas: Virginia Rundberget

Sgt at Arms: Sam Teague/ Norm Edwards Editor:  Dan Rodney  (Rodriguez)



Pres:  Steve Aldrich Veep: Sam Teague

Sec:  Virginia Rundberget Treas: Virginia  Rundberget Sgt at Arms: Steve Warren

Editor: Dan Rodney (Rodriguez)


Membership List:  1980:

Steve Aldrich

Warren “Rusty” Bailey

Ted Barlock

Tony Borrillo

Daniel C. Boyd

Ray Brady

Sean Branney

Floyd Brown

Larry (Zeezo) Campbell

Joseph Cassidy

Bob Chester

Wayne Clark

Henry Cranford

Larry Crowley

Bruce Davine

Jim Driver

Norm Edwards

Jim Evans

Barry Fernelius

Ken Gaunt

Roger Hayes

Forrest Hendricks

Paul Hughes

Robert Johnson

Sam Kent

Dwight Kier

Ben Krell

Don Krill

Richard Krushansky

Charles Major

Antonio Marti

David Martinez

Tom Mestnik

Orville Meyer

Gordon Miller

Scott Mitts

Oma Munroe

Ron Murray

Mystique McQueede

David Neighbors

Harley Noles

T. Ernest Nowels

Scott Oetken

James A. Ottmer

Robert Peterson

Robert Posson (Poss) Dan Rodriguez (Rodney) Bob  Schlageter

Shawn Smith

Chester Preisser Milton Ross Philip Schreiner Bruce Spangler

Jerry Printz

Virginia  Rundberget Ed Schuman

John Starnes

Earl Reum

Dennis Schipper Lindsay Smith Bob Starks

Jerry Stoll Glen Warner

Dale Switzer Paul Wilkinson

Norio Taniguchi

Clancy Wise

Sam Teague

Quig Wysong



Pres:  Paul Wilkinson



Pres:  Ed Schuman


Chuck Major’s 80th: 9/4/82

Veep: Tony Borrillo       Petrick & Mia Lee 5/12/82 Sec: Virginia Rundberget

Treas: Virginia Rundberget

Sgt at Arms: S. Warren/ Dave Neighbors Editor:  Dwight Lamb


Veep: Sam Teague  John Booth Lee: 2/12/83 Sec: Virginia Rundberget John Cornelius Lee Treas: Virginia Rundberget                    3/15/83 Sgt at Arms: David Holz Irv Weiner Lee 4/12/82 Editor:  Steve Aldrich/ Dan Rodney


Other Officers, 1982-1983: Dean: Orville Meyer/ Honorary Member: Chuck Major/ Executive Committee: Ed Schuman, Sam Teague, Virginia Rundberget, Dan Rodney, Dave Holz, Tony Borrillo, Dwight Lamb, Len Redde, Bob Schlageter , Paul Wilkinson/ Ethics and Grievance Committee: Tony Borrillo, Dwight Lamb, Len Redde, Bob Schlageter, Paul Wilkinson/ Constitution Amendments: Steve Aldrich/ Legal Advisor:         Charles Elliott/ Public Relations: Bob Shriver/   Historian: Warren Bailey,   Dr. Edmund

Prendergast Honorary Membership: Tony Borrillo, Paul Wilkinson/ Membership Development: Ed Schuman/ Youth Advisory: Dan Rodney/ National Ambassador: Earl Reum/ Video Tape: Sam Teague, Sharon Nuanes/ Magic Lectures: Ed Schuman/ Hospitality: Dale Switzer, Chuck Major, Melissa Neumiller, Tony Borrillo/ Good and Welfare: Paul Wilkinson & Club Photographers: Steve Warren , Gary Self/Telephone Committee: Melissa Neumiller, Jeri Schulz, Steve Wareren/ Club Reporter : Steve Aldrich



Pres: Sam Teague Veep:  Dan Rodney

Sec: Virginia Rundberget

Treas:  Virginia  Rundberget Sgt at Arms: David Holz Editor: Jerry Stoll



Pres: David Elstun Veep: Andy Parks Sec: Jerry Stoll Treas : Jerry Stoll

Sgt at Arms: Linda Neighbors

Editor:  Eric Van Walter/ Chad Darnell



Pres: Robert Posson Veep: Jerry Stoll

Sec:  Chris Manos Treas: Chris Manos

Sgt at Arms:  Charles McPherson Editor:  Dave Sparks


Membership Roster: March 1988:



Pres:  Dan Rodney Veep: Dave Elstun Sec:  Jerry Stoll Treas:  Jerry Stoll

Sgt at Arms: Brett Walter

Editor: Jonathan David/ Kate Ennis



Pres: Andy Parks Veep : Robert Posson Sec: Jerry Stoll

Treas:  Jerry Stoll

Sgt at Arms: Robert Schlageter Editor:  Sharon Nuanes


1988-89 :

Pres:  Jerry Stoll

Veep:  Charles McPherson Sec:  Chris Manos

Treas: Chris Manos

Sgt at Arms : Melissa Neumiller Editor:  Jim Wilson


Steve Aldrich Fred Baker Mike E. Brazie

George Campbell Ron Cook Lawrence Crowley Brian Dino

Dan Ambler Jeff Beavers

Russell Brooshall

Larry Campbell (Zeezo) Harry Courtney

Bob Damon James Driver

Steven Arnold Tony Borrillo Evye Lee Brown Robert Chester

Henry G. Cranford

Bruce G. Davine Lon Egbert

Warren Bailey Don Boyle David Burleiglt Wayne B. Clark

J. David Crocket William T. Davis Linda  Egner

David Elstun

John A.D. Elstun

Richard Euchler

J. Walter Faulconer

Allan Few

Edward Friedman

Karen Goodheil

Gene Gordon

Craig Gregersen

Hudson Grotzinger

Paul Guibord

John R. Guthrie

Kelly Haglund

Max G. Hapner

Ira Harnish

Stuart E. Hayner

Forrest Hendricks

Butch Howe Olin A . Kier Pat Langley

David Holz

Wilson R. Hunter Ben Krell

William Lieb

Dick C. Hopkins Arch Jefferies Don Krill

Charlene Linaman

John Hopkins Sam Kent Dwight Lamb

J.C. Linstrom

Jeff  London

James R. Loshbaugh

Daniel J. MacMillan

Larry Mahan

Alexander Manos

Hugh A. McCormick John Merritt

Oma Munroe David Neighbors

T. Ernest Nowels

Christopher  Manos Russ McGowen Orville Meyer

Ron Murray

Linda Neighbors Sharon Nuanes

Lee Marley

Charles McPherson Ill Gordon H. Miller

Ernie Nassimbene

Keith Niemeier Casey O’Connor

John S. Marx Mystique   McQueede Ray Morris

Robert Nedbalski

Harley Noles James H. Ottmer


Andy Parks

Dr. Ed T. Prendergast

Patrick Hanna Jerome  Printz

Tony Piscopo Keith Raygor

Robert G. Posson Lamont G. Ream

Todd R. Reis

Earl Reum

Dan Rodney

Daniel Rodriguez

Milton E. Ross

L. William Schmidt, Jr.

Kirsten Rundberget

Paul Schreiner

Virginia  Rundberget Stephen  J. Schulke

Bob Schlageter Ed Schuman

Ron Schwartz

Bill Scott

Chris Severns

Mike Shannon

Robert Shriver

Ken Simmons

Lonnie Sloman

Lindsay E. Smith

Bruce Spangler

David Sparks

Robert Stanley

Gerald A. Stoll

Norio Taniguchi

Robert H. Taylor

Dean Tellefson

Ralph Voelker

J. David Waddle

Chuck Walser

Cecil Warfel

Paul A. Wilkinson

James Wilson

Lew Wymisner

William H. Wysong

Steve Corbett



Pres:  Chris Manos

Pres: Sharon Nuanes


Veep: Sharon Nuanes

Veep: Chris Manos

Sec:  David Holz

Sec:  David Holz

Treas: David Holz

Treas:  David Holz

Sgt at Arms: 0. Kier

Sgt at Arms:  0. Kier



Pres:  Dwight Lamb

Pres:  Gene Gordon

Veep: Steve Corbett

Veep: Clayton Egner

Sec: Shawn Popp

Sec:  Shawn Popp

Treas: Shawn Popp

Treas:  Gene Gordon

Sgt at Arms:

Sgt at Arms:  Travis Schack

Editor: Steve Aldrich

Editor:  Bob Parnell


1993-94:  Dan Rodney is National S.A.M. President


Pres: Gene Gordon Veep: Jim Knepley Sec: Jerry Stoll Treas: Jerry Stoll

Sgt at Arms:

Editor: Bob Parnell 1995-96:

Pres: Brad Montgomery Veep: Brian Dino

Sec/ Treas:  Jerry Stoll Abracadabloid Editor:  Brian Dino




Pres:  Robert LaRue Veep:  John T . Sheets Sec:  Lee Marrelli Treasurer:  Jerry Stoll

Sgt. at Arms: Wilson Hunter

Abracatabloid Editor:  Larry Crowley




Pres:  Robert Chester Veep: Steve Warren Sec:  Jerry Stoll

Treas: Jerry Stoll

Sgt at Arms: Editor:  Jerry Stoll



Pres:  Steve Spangler Veep:  Earl Reum

Sec/ Treas:  Jerry Stoll Abracadabloid  Editor:  Bob LaRue Sgt at Arms:   Ned Nedbalski Historian:   Doc Ed Prendergast



Pres:  Stuart Hayner Veep:   Shawn Popp Sec:  Gene Gordon Treas:  Jerry Stoll

Sgt. at Arms: Larry Betz

Abrcatabloid  Editor: Larry Quinn

2000:                                                                2001:


Pres: David Elstun

Veep: Connie-Kalina Elstun Sec: Earl Reum

Treas: Jerry Stoll

Abracatabloid Editor: Lindsay Smith Sgt-at-arms: Larry Betz

Special Presidential Advisers:

Brad Montgomery/ Steve Spangler/ Bob LaRue/ Dan Rodriguez


Pres:  David Elstun

Veep: Connie-Kalina  Elstun Sec:  Earl Reum

Treas:  Jerry Stoll Editor:  Lindsay Smith Sgt-at-Arms: Larry Betz

Board of Directors:  Brad Montgomery

Steve Spangler, Dan Rodriguez, Bob LaRue


2002:                1/2 year             2002:   1/2 year                         2003:


Pres:  Dan Cameron Veep: Jeff Wake Sec: Scott McCray Treas: Jerry Stoll

Sgt-at-arms: Marty Jewell Bulletin: Greg Fodrea


Pres: Jeff Wake Veep: Karen Wake Sec: Scott McCray Treas: Jerry Stoll Sgt: Marty Jewell

AbTab: Greg Fodrea


Pres: Scott McCray

Veep: Greg Fodrea/ Chad Darnell Sec: Connie Kalina-Elstun

Treas: Jerry Stoll

Sgt-at-Arms: Jeff Wake Editor: David Elstun