Official Constitution, Ratified May 31, 2000.

David Elstun, President • Connie Kalina-Elstun, Vice-President • Earl Reum, Secretary
Jerry Stoll, Treasurer • Lindsay Smith, Newsletter Editor • Larry Betz, Sergeant at Arms

  1. The name of this Organization shall be: “The Mile High Magicians Society” of Denver, Colorado. This Society shall serve the Magic Community as Assembly#37 of the S.A.M. and Ring #131 of the I.B.M.
    1. Its purpose is to foster and encourage a greater appreciation of magic and to promote the ethics of the magic profession among Magician Society Members and throughout the Denver Community of individuals and organizations.
    2. Further purposes shall be to foster and advance the magical talents, creativity and knowledge of Society Members, to promote fellowship and social interaction, exchange of ideas-information and cooperation among those interested in the Magical Arts.
    3. The MHMS fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st.
    4. Quorum for a business meeting shall be thirteen (13) or more ACTIVE Members. A simple majority of votes cast shall be sufficient to approve or reject any matter of business.
  1. There shall be five classes of membership: ACTIVE, JUNIOR, ASSOCIATE, HONORARY and LIFE:
    1. ACTIVE, who shall be Members 18 years of age or older. ACTIVE, LIFE and HONORARY Members may vote on the Society’s business issues.
    2. JUNIOR, who shall be Members 12 to 17 years of age.
    3. ASSOCIATE, who shall be the spouse or bona fide assistant of any ACTIVE Member or Parent or Assistant of a JUNIOR Member. ACTIVE MYI/ SYM Members automatically become ASSOCIATE Members of The MHMS.

(1)     The Executive Committee may grant such membership upon the request of a sponsoring ACTIVE or JUNIOR Member.

(2)     The Executive Committee may grant such membership to an ACTIVE or JUNIOR Member who, while in good standing, moves out of the Denver area.

(3)     Associate Members will NOT receive copies of the Mile High Magicians Society Bulletin, unless the prevailing fees for delivering such Bulletins are paid.

  1. HONORARY Membership may be awarded to an ACTIVE or Retired MHM Society-Ring- Assembly Member or other individual who has significantly advanced the Magical Arts. The Executive Committee will determine the length of time the HONORARY Membership exists.
  2. LIFE Members will be those individuals who have significantly contributed to the Magic Community of Denver for an extended period of time, such service being exemplary and exceptional. The status LIFE Members will be awarded by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The title of “Wizard” may be ascribed to such members.
  3. Application for membership in The Mile High Magicians Society shall be submitted in written application form.

(1)     Said application shall contain the written recommendation and signatures of three current ACTIVE, LIFE or HONORARY Members and as a condition of membership,

(2)     The applicant shall sign a secrecy pledge which hold such Member not to expose the secrets of magic to members of the lay public.

(3)     Each applicant shall submit said application and current membership fees to the Executive Committee, which shall review each application and vote to accept or reject said applicant, at the earliest possible date after submission of the application. If the applicant is accepted, the Editor of the Bulletin will publish this information in the next issued Society Bulletin.

(4)     That, as a condition of membership, such new Member shall agree to appear in some official capacity before the Society at a designated meeting within one year from the date of acceptance into membership.

(5)     HONORARY Membership may be granted to individuals who have attained distinction in the Magical Arts. HONORARY Members shall possess the same privileges as an ACTIVE Member, but pay no Club dues. The length of recognition as an HONORARY Member shall be determined by a vote of the Executive Committee.

  1. Officers accountable to the membership shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter Editor is not an elected Officer, but is appointed by the Executive Committee who also may annually appoint an Historian.
    1. The President and Vice-President shall have been Members of The MHM Society for at least two years prior to their election. All Officers shall be 21 years of age or more.
    2. The Officers, along with any Members they may choose to appoint, temporarily or permanently, shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Society.

(1)     Said Committee may conduct all business of the Society except election of Officers and amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws.

(2)     The Executive Committee may not depreciate the treasury below $750, nor may they expend more than $500 on any one project at any one time, without the consent and approval of a majority of those Members voting at a scheduled and publicized official business meeting. Decisions regarding the spending of lesser amounts of Society money will be a function of the Executive Committee.

(3)     Three elected Officers shall constitute a quorum to conduct an Executive Committee Meeting. Minutes and results of such meetings shall be communicated to the membership at least quarterly.

  1. Mile High Magicians Society Officers shall hold the corresponding Office in Ring #131 of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and of Assembly #37 of the Society of American Magicians and for their periods of incumbency: the Society shall pay their “term of office” IBM AND SAM Membership dues, respectively.
  2. Elected Officers shall serve a term of one year, concurrent with the Society’s fiscal year. Officers are eligible to run for reelection.
  1. Officers shall be nominated at the August meeting. The Secretary shall mail or email ballots to each ACTIVE Member.
    1. Ballots shall be returned by mail or in person to the Secretary in time for opening at the October business meeting. The ballots shall be opened and counted at that meeting and the person receiving the most votes for each office shall be declared elected and will take office on January 1st of the succeeding year.
    2. In the event of a tie vote for any office, the Executive Committee shall convene at once and vote in order to break the tie. No Officers may participate in a tie-breaking vote which would allow them to succeed themselves.
    3. At least thirteen ballots must be cast in order for an election to be valid.
    4. The Secretary shall promptly announce the election results to the Members attending the meeting and to the rest of the Society by publishing the election results in the Bulletin.
    5. No person may be nominated to office without that person’s prior consent.
  1. Annual Dues shall be due and payable on January 1st but no later than April 1st for the current year.
    1. Members whose dues are not paid by April 1st may not vote on Society business until their membership dues payment is submitted.
    2. If dues remain unpaid on April 1st, that person’s membership shall expire.
    3. After April 1st, and before the end of the current year, reinstatement may be accomplished by paying current dues, plus a $5. 00 reinstatement fee. Members who do not pay dues during the current year can rejoin The MHM Society at the then-existing current rate assessed of a new Member.
  1. A Member may be suspended or expelled for just cause by a majority vote of all ACTIVE Members of this organization who are present at a scheduled hearing, following the written filing of charges, by three or more ACTIVE members. Such charges shall be filed in writing with the Ethics and Grievance Committee and also filed with the Accused Member.
    1. Such charges shall be evaluated by the Ethics and Grievance Committee. Based on the seriousness and/or validity of charges, they shall be dropped without record or brought before the Executive Committee for proper and appropriate action and then, voted upon by the ACTIVE Members present at the hearing.
    2. Notice of such charges and details of the hearing will be sent to the Accused Member by certified or registered mail.
    3. Should the charged Member not appear at the scheduled hearing, and fail to give prior valid reason for non-appearance, the Member shall be dropped from the Membership Roster and listed “in poor standing” on official records.
    4. Should two of the three Accusing Members fail to appear at the hearing, without submitting a valid reason for non-appearance, charges shall be dropped without record.
    5. The term “suspended” in the first paragraph of Section VI, shall mean “deprived of all rights and privileges for a specified period of time to be determined by the Executive Committee and voted upon by the general membership.”
    6. The term “expelled” in the first paragraph of Section VI, shall indicate permanent termination of membership from the organization.
    7. The term “just cause” in the first paragraph of Section VI, shall be interpreted to mean an act or acts of behavioral deportment deemed by the membership to be actually injurious to the avowed purposes of the organization. This may be interpreted in more general terms to mean acts injurious to the welfare and development of the future of the Art of Magic.
    8. In the case of a grievance filed against an Officer, the same procedure is required to remove that person from Office and subsequently, the procedure must be applied to remove the offending person from membership.
  1. Duties of Officers:
    1. President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society: establish such committees as are deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the Society: appoint Chairpersons and Members to Committees with the concurrence of those Appointees, retaining the right of dismissal of Appointees and/or dissolving of Committee(s): appoint Members to the Board of Trustees: oversee the financial status of the Society, assisted by the Treasurer and Board of Trustees: appoint Society Member(s) to positions as are deemed appropriate to benefit the Society.
    2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all duties of the Office of the President: perform such other duties as are deemed appropriate by the President: assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties.
    3. Secretary: The Secretary shall record the minutes of all business meetings and provide copies to the Executive Committee Members: provide IBM Ring Reports to The Linking Ring and SAM Assembly reports to MUM: receive from the Treasurer accurate membership rosters and distribute these to the Society Members through the Society’s Bulletin: mail election ballots to the Members and provide returned ballots to the Executive Committee for opening and counting at the October Business Meeting: announce the results of elections and other matters deemed appropriate in the Society’s Bulletin: provide such reports as are required for submitting to the IBM or the SAM: insure that annual membership cards are created and delivered to each Member.
    4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all moneys paid to the Society, deposit same in a banking institution of good standing, approved by the President and promptly pay all properly approved obligations of the Society from Society funds: maintain accurate records of income and disbursements of the Society’s moneys: provide auditable financial statements to the President when requested, but (as a minimum) on the 15th of February and the 15th of August of each fiscal year: be present at all Society functions where collection and/or disbursement of Society moneys is required, e. g. , lectures, auctions, etc or have the President appoint a suitable temporary replacement: provide to the Secretary (by April 15th) a Membership Roster of ACTIVE members, such roster being updated and provided to the Secretary not later than 30 days after a change occurs in active membership: provide required paperwork and fees to the State of Colorado pursuant to maintaining the Society’s status as a non-profit organization: advise the Executive Committee on fiscal matters pertaining to the Society
    5. Editor: The Newsletter Editor shall name, produce, edit, assemble and distribute the Society’s Newsletter to all Members, not later than the 5th of each month: include in the Newsletter all announcements, relevant flyers, etc. , requested by Members of the Executive Committee: maintain detailed records of costs and expenditures of the Society’s Bulletin for each month of the Society’s fiscal year and provide such records to the Treasurer by the 15th of the month which follows the month of the expenditure: publish such other Society related materials as are requested by Members of the Executive Committee.
    6. Sergeant-at-Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order and proper decorum at all official functions of the Society: insure that only active Members are permitted into “Members only” functions of the Society: act as “Door Greeter” at all Society functions: direct, set up and tear down equipment related to seating and staging arrangements: insure that the meeting venue is left in proper order at the end of every Society function.
    7. Historian: The Historian will maintain the archives and other permanent records of the Magic Club. This material includes, but is not limited to: the Assembly and Ring Scrapbooks and other memorabilia that record the activities and recognition of the Club and its Members. The Historian’s Office will be the repository of such items as original copies of The Ring/ Assembly Charter, Constitution and By-Laws, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Tax Exempt Information, photographs, Club Videos and Permanent Art Work. The Historian will also maintain any other materials deemed desirable either as a matter of interest or which may be useful in the long term administration of the Magic Club’s Activities. Annual Membership Lists, Contest Winners, Award Recipients, Births-Deaths, Achievements of note, Life Members, etc. Photographs, regular displays and records of events, memorabilia which the Club possesses, are all appropriate materials for the Historian to retain. The Historian will maintain an inventory of Club owned items and properties.
  1. USE OF NAME AND EMBLEM. The privilege of using the name “The Mile High Magicians Society”, the initials, “MHMS” or the Emblem of The Mile High Magicians Society, on stationary or in any other manner, is strictly prohibited except by ACTIVE Members of this Society at which time, that use is subject to approval of the Society’s Executive Committee.
  1. Proposed amendments to this Constitution must be sponsored by three or more ACTIVE Members and presented to the President, who shall instruct the Secretary to mail or email the text of the proposed amendments to all ACTIVE Members with a ballot to accept or reject the proposals.
    1. Ballots returned to the Secretary within thirty days of said mailing shall be opened and counted by the Secretary and the results shall be announced to the Society Members at a scheduled meeting and/or by published notification in the Bulletin.
    2. For discussion of proposed amendments, at least one business meeting shall be held between the time of mailing the proposals and the time of counting the ballots.
    3. At least thirteen ballots must be cast in favor of the proposed amendment(s) for the voting to be valid.
  1. The Executive Committee will maintain a list of Policies and Procedures which shall provide working guidelines for normal activities which the Club conducts. This Policies and Procedures Document shall be annually reviewed and appropriately amended by the Executive Committee.
  1. Where not in conflict with this Constitution, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority used for determining procedures to be utilized at meetings and in the conduct of MHMS business.
  1. This Constitution shall take effect on May 31, 2011. A copy shall be given to each ACTIVE and JUNIOR Member holding valid membership on that date and to future Members when submitting their application for membership.



By-Law #1: “Code of Ethics”

Members shall refrain from inappropriate exposures of trick’s, illusions and magical principle except on those educational occasions of instructing other presenters of magical effects.

Members shall NOT furnish information concerning modus operandi of magical effects to members of the lay public.

For these purposes, a magical effect is defined as one which does not reveal its principle in its proper performance and where the success of its entertainment value and mystery depends upon the continued secrecy of its principle.

By-Law #2: “Ethics and Grievance Committee:”

That an Ethics and Grievance Committee be formed when needed and that such Committee shall be a function of the Executive Board, but no Member of such Committee shall be serving as a current Officer of the Society.

That five Members shall serve on such a Committee who shall have been Members“ in good standing” of the Society a minimum of two years prior to election to such Committee. That such Members be elected to such Committee by the Executive Board, under the direction of the currently elected President.

In the event of an alleged violation by a Member of The Mile High Magicians Society, the Ethics and Grievance Committee shall be called into session apart from the Executive Board Meeting and shall investigate such charges as may be brought against the Accused. If the Ethics and Grievance Committee feels that such matter is sufficiently serious, it shall then bring this matter to the attention of the Executive Board at the earliest possible date for action as the Executive Board deems appropriate, which could include the suspension of a Member’s privileges and/or removal from membership.

If a grievance or complaint is brought against a Member of the Ethics and Grievance Committee, that person will step down from the Committee position. The President shall have the power to appoint a temporary or permanent replacement for the Accused to bring the total number to Five ACTIVE Members who constitute the Ethics and Grievance Committee, in order to conduct an official ruling examination and subsequent decision.

Members, in case of doubt concerning the interpretation of “ethics, ” shall consult the Ethics and Grievance Committee for a ruling.

By-Law #3: “Young Magicians Board”

THE SOCIETY OF YOUNG MAGICIANS/MAGICAL YOUTH INTERNATIONAL: The Young Magicians Board provides active support and encouragement to active JUNIOR and young ASSOCIATE Members of the Society through special events, etc. , to insure that they are integrated into the Society’s functions: acts as liaison between the

Society and The Society of Young Magicians which The MHMS sponsors, or between Rings of Magical Youth International which The MHMS also sponsors.

That a “Board of Education” be established within The Mile High Magicians Society to direct and supervise the activities, the scope and sequence of the curriculum, the schedule of meetings and other events of The Society of Young Magicians, or Magical Youth International Rings sponsored by The Mile High Magicians Society.

Such Board shall consist of at least six Members to allow a continuing, progressive three-year term of office, with replacement or reappointment of two Board Members each year.

This Supervising Board shall maintain records of MYI/ SYM attendance, membership fees, liability insurance, curricular content for meetings, lecturer profiles, places, times, frequency of meetings, etc. for MYI/ SYM Members.

This Board shall administer the program of activities recommended by The Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians and for these purposes, all Members of the MHMS Board will be currently ACTIVE Members of the S. A. M. or I. B. M. or both. MYI Rings also may be sponsored by the MHMS Member Board.

By-Law #4: “Board of Directors”

The main duty of the Board is to encourage all members of The MHM Society to abide by the Society’s Constitution and By-Laws as well as by the highest ideals of magic.

The Board shall be composed of two or more ACTIVE Members who have maintained continuous membership for at least two years and shall be appointed by the President of The MHM Society. The first year, one Member will serve for one year while the other Member will serve for two years. Each October, the name of one proposed Board Member will be added to the Election Ballot. The selected Member will be appointed no later than January 31 of the new Administration’s term of Office.

The BOARD shall meet each June to review the semi-annual Treasurer’s Report and meet again in November to audit the Annual Treasurer’s Report and comment on the Report at the December meeting. The Board will store records of former Officers and make these available, on request, to the newly elected Executive Committee.

The BOARD will ascertain that the annual registration fee as an incorporated non-profit organization is paid on time to the proper governmental agencies.

By-Law #5: “Vacated Offices”

If the Office of President shall be vacated for any reason, then the Vice-President shall assume the duties of that office.

If the Office of Vice-President is vacant, then the President is empowered to appoint a member to that Office, providing that person meets the requirements of article #3 in the present Constitution. The new Vice-President can be appointed only for the balance of the current fiscal year.

If the Office of Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, or Editor is vacated for any reason, the President is empowered to appoint a qualified Member to fill the vacated office or the balance of the current fiscal year.

Constitution and By-Laws ratified by the Membership: May 31, 2000.

David Elstun, President

Connie Kalina-Elstun, Vice-President

Earl Reum, Secretary

Jerry Stoll, Treasurer

Lindsay Smith, Newsletter Editor

Larry Betz, Sergeant at Arms

The Mile High Magicians Society: POLICIES AND PROCEDURES:

These guidelines provide direction and organizational strategies for The Mile High Magicians Society to use in conducting activities. Policies are designed to provide the Executive Committee with processes to maintain a consistent flow and focus for all MHMS Events. These Policies outline a history of the thoughtful decisions made by previous Club Executives and Members since the Society’s Founding. Designated are the usual MHMS channels and responsibilities while providing a means for The Mile High Magicians Society to develop and grow consciously. These Guidelines supplement and interpret specific working courses-of-action to be taken, as well as interpret elements of the Constitution and Bylaws. These are not substitutes for either the Constitution or the By-Laws, but simply interpretations and extensions of those documents. Procedures are noted in order to provide a “usual” handling for activities and decisions. These Policies and Procedures may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the Members of the Executive Committee.

HERE LISTED are the Potential Standing and Temporary Committees of the Society. Chairpersons and Members shall be appointed by the President and the Executive Board with the concurrence and acceptance of the appointees. The President retains the right to establish other ad hoc committees as are deemed appropriate, relevant or necessary. The Vice-President, in concert with the Secretary and the Treasurer, shall review the minutes of all Executive meetings at the end of the year and incorporate into this Policies and Procedures Guide all and any changes, additions or deletions which were approved by the Society’s Officers or Members during the currently ending year.


An Annual Budget will be created by a Budget Committee working with the Treasurer. The Treasurer will chair this Committee and in conjunction with its Members shall submit a budget to the Executive Committee at its first meeting after assuming office in January. The budget will be finalized by the Treasurer after appropriate review and approval by the Board. Actual expenses vs. budgeted expenses will be reported in the Abracatabloid.

AUCTION: (Also refer to Flea Market)

  • An Auction Committee may be appointed to conduct the Annual MHMS Auction. The Auction is held on the date established by the Executive Committee. The sale of auction items is limited to MHM Society Members and Board Approved “Others”. The meeting is “open” to non-Members who may become eligible to purchase items at the auction by paying a participant’s registration fee.
  • The items to be auctioned may be single effects or grouped items to be sold as a single package. Reserve bids may be placed on selected items, but not on all items submitted by the same Member.
  • 10% of the sale of the Auction items will be relegated to the Club’s treasury. At the conclusion of the Auction, settlements will be made in cash (preferably) or by check. All items are to be purchased before any disbursement of funds can be made to sellers. All items are to be paid-for before they can be removed from the Auction venue facility.
  • At the Board’s discretion a Flea Market (or Garage Sale) may be held in lieu of an Auction.
  • The Treasurer will provide buyer receipts and sufficient cash to allow for making change. Pg. A


The Editor of the Newsletter will be appointed annually and is responsible for the publication and distribution of the Abracatabloid (or whatever name the Editor and Board might choose!) Final editorial policies are the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

The Newsletter will be published monthly. Normal publication date and mailing shall be no earlier than three weeks and no later than five days before each regular meeting. The deadline for submitting items to the Editor will be set by the Editor. Publication should be scheduled so that issues reach Members by the first of each month. The Editor will submit an annual budget to the Treasurer by the first of February. Each issue of the Newsletter should contain comments from the President and an updated calendar section. The Newsletter should publish information focused on future magic events, dealer information and other happenings of interest to Club Members as space permits.

Advertisements from Members of The MHMS can be included — as space permits — at no charge to the Member. Legitimate business advertising will not be accepted. The Newsletter will not accept advertisements from Magic Dealers without the specific approval of each advertisement by the Executive Committee. Lists of Members (Address Labels) will be issued to Members only on an approving decision by the Executive Committee. Lists will not be released to anyone outside the organization without the consensual decision of the Executive Committee.

Three free editions of the Newsletter may be sent to any prospective Member at the request of any ACTIVE Member. The Editor will cancel such mailings at the end of that period unless notified by the Treasurer that the receipt of dues and completed Membership application has been submitted. Free annual subscriptions of the Newsletter may be sent at the discretion of the President to the Editor of the Linking Ring, and M-U-M, The Territorial Vice-Presidents/ Representatives, other relevant Magic Clubs and those others selected by the Officers. The appropriateness and relevance of the list will be regularly reviewed by the Executive Board.


A Calendar of projected MHMS events for the year will be developed by a Meeting Planning Committee or by the Executive Committee before February 1 and periodically updated throughout the year. Appropriate segments of the current Calendar of events will be published with each copy of the Bulletin. A Calendar of Executive Committee meetings will also be submitted to the Members in order for them to keep track of planning sessions and business items.


Close-up and Stage Contests are a vital part of The Magic Club’s activities. Contests provide a venue for Members to perform, to improve their skills and to be seen by potential clients, as well as by other Members of the Club. Every effort will be made to assure that the Contestants have a suitable place in which to compete, that their efforts will be suitably and consistently judged, with appropriate feedback to performers so that knowledge will be gained, improvement will be encouraged and opportunities for successful growth will be assured. Rules for Contests will be publicized well in advance (at least two weeks) of the events. The Executive Committee will make every effort to promote contests and to attract quality audiences. After each contest, the Committee will review the results, rules/ procedures and recommend improvements. Contestants will be provided feedback (if they request it. ) The Contest Committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee.


One significant problem which eventually plagues every Magic Club includes the possibility that the Officers might mis-use cash/proceeds/equipment/whatever: over-spend, act irresponsibly, abscond with properties, etc. — and there is simply not a “Checks and Balances” System in place to insure their acting responsibly.

Many Magic Clubs have instituted a Board of Directors/ a Panel of Review — which meets regularly, but is called into overt action when “Exposure Incidents” occur, when Club Officers appear to have done something either illegal or simply out of character for the local Magic Club. (There exists here an unusual, seldom-needed court of appeals.)

Some Associations have chosen a panel of former Presidents, or a group selected from among the “kinds of members” we have: a Kid Performer, a Collector, a Lecture Addict, simply a group that represents our Club to review the facts and make recommendations to the Officers and Members. Such decisions can become “more binding” than the Executive Committee’s Censure or Defense — (because the Executive Committee Members are usually the individuals whose conduct is being questioned Regional and Territorial Representatives/Vice-Presidents are hampered by not being empowered with specific legal powers – only the power of influence, along with their being connected to The Society of American Magicians or the International Organization of the IBM.

This separate, but knowledgeable and powerful group can serve as a neutral sounding board to encourage Members who feel a reluctance to support the current Magic Club Administration, the specific activities or perceived “misdirection” of the Club. An effective way to organize this group might be to choose a committee of six — two members elected each year which provides a three year continuity.

Duties should be specified in the Constitution such as:

  • This Directors Panel shall review the handling of Magic Club money twice a year and shall submit a report to the membership — printed in the monthly bulletin — with suggestions and comments to insure Member understanding and awareness.
  • This Group shall be responsible for evaluating each meeting and submitting their summarized assessment to the current Officers on a regular basis.
  • The Directors Panel shall be responsible for investigating incidents of exposure which have been allegedly committed by individual Members of the Club.
  • This Directors Panel shall regularly encourage individual Members to seek positions of leadership and Office within the Magic Club structure.
  • This Panel shall “keep the vision” and do those things that will support the best interests of magic in the community and with Club Members.


It shall be the responsibility of the e-Mail Committee to regularly post information to those Members having e-mail. If FAX is an option, it shall become another medium of communication.


Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called at any time by the President. The President shall be responsible for notifying all Committee Members and others who have business to present at such meetings. Executive Committee Meetings are open to any Member who wishes to present items to the Committee and to those who choose to become further involved in leadership of the Magic Club. An agenda will be prepared and followed for the meeting. Notes of action, discussion shared and decisions rendered will be recorded by the Secretary who will, in turn, publish these for distributing to the general Membership. Items which affect Club policies will be included in the Policies and Procedures Document at the next time of revision.


Because many of our Members greatly prefer a Flea Market to an Auction, it is recommended that the general rules for Flea Markets be adopted — that only MHMS Members and Active Members of other Front Range Magic Clubs may lease tables for the event, that only MHMS Members and others approved by the Executive Board be allowed to attend the Flea Market Event, that tables be leased for a nominal fee which will be determined by the Executive Board, that there be reserved time frame for Vendors to set-up their tables and displays prior to admitting potential buyers. If special procedures such as silent auctions, end of night drawings, refreshments, teach-in corners — if any such special events are planned, they shall require prior approval of the Executive Board.


The Good and Welfare Committee shall have the right to perform such acts as will tend to cheer-up the ill and ailing Members of the Society: and shall, upon request of the immediate family of a deceased member, perform the “Broken Wand Ceremony” at a place and time designated by the immediate family of the deceased Member. The Committee will notify the President immediately upon learning of the death of any ACTIVE or former Member of the Society, so that appropriate action(s) can be instituted.


Honorary Life Membership Award: Honorary Life Membership may be granted to anyone who has contributed outstanding service to The Mile High Magicians Society. Each candidate shall be evaluated and selected by the Executive Committee and the names shall be submitted to the Membership to be voted-on at a regular meeting. A simple majority of those voting will entitle the candidate to Honorary Life Membership. This entitles the recipient free admission to all Society functions and a Lifetime Membership Status in The Mile High Magicians Society which includes the suspension of future dues payment. Any paid-up ACTIVE Member may nominate a candidate to the Executive Committee for Life Membership consideration.


Lectures will be open to Members at a set fee, determined by the Executive Committee. The Lecture/ Workshop Committee shall recruit quality lecturers for a MHMS presentation of lecture and/or workshop to Society Members: make recommendations to the Executive Committee of potential presenters for consideration and approval: insure that a contract detailing fees, terms and conditions is executed between the Society and the Lecturer: arrange for agreed-upon housing, secure the venue for the lecture and/ or workshop: conduct appropriate promotion of the event: notify and provide pertinent information to the Chairpersons of the e-mail and Telephone Committee: confirm, not later than seven days prior to the event, that the lecturer will be present on the date(s) and time(s) specified by the contract: meet and greet the lecturer upon arrival at the venue and insure that any agreed-upon Society obligations are met. Guest Magicians and prospective Members may attend Lectures and will be charged an appropriate fee. Joint lectures with other Magic Clubs are encouraged. Before a co-sponsored lecture, there shall be a written agreement on the distribution of costs, fees charged for Members, Non-Members, Guests, the time, date and place. The Sergeants-of-Arms for both Clubs will be present to check Membership Credentials at the entrance to the lecture venue. The Lecture Committee will recommend Lecturers, fees, venues and contractual agreements to the Executive Committee who will provide final approval on all Lecture events. Professional and Traveling Magic Club Lecturers will be considered as well as MHMS Members who have prepared a quality lecture. Whether MHMS Members are paid to lecture to the Club and the amount to be paid will be the decision of the Executive Committee. This decision will be based on the MHMS Member’s experience, need, reputation, quality of material and other such criteria.


  • Goal To: Continually develop new Club Membership through invitation and involvement of potential members.
  • Secure and distribute quality Membership Applications and Promotional Brochures. Have these available and continuously promoted among current Members and Magic Dealers.
  • Conduct the Annual Membership Drive to reregister former Members and to recruit new Members. Send regular invitations to potential Members along with follow-up messages. .
  • Conduct activities to support and enhance the Society of Young Magicians, to enlist new MHMS Members and to reenlist former Members.
  • Annually conduct a Membership Drive to invite MHMS Members to join the I. B. M. and the S. A. M. as well as to participate with the Colorado Clowns, the Fellowship of Christian Conjurors, the Psi Clones, the “Boulder Group”, The Jugglers (People with an Altitude) and other magic-related organizations.
  • Interview or poll each applicant to determine specific interests in magic, skills, needs, hopes, strengths and potential contributions. Try to involve each person in Club activities which utilize personal talents and expectations.
  • Arrange the Annual Initiation Banquet. Provide meals for new Members, recognition/certificates/ presentations/ mementos for achievement, contributions and participation.
  • Work with the Meeting Facilities Committee, Hospitality Committee, Publicity Committee, Telephone Committee, etc. Be certain to keep Officers informed of Committee activities.
  • Conduct an Initiation Ceremony which maintains dignity while reminding each Member of the values of the Magic Club, of Magic itself and of Club Member expectations.
  • Keep developing new Members. Nourish newest Members and weakest: encourage reluctant ones by assigning them relevant responsibilities.
  • Keep track of the “veterans” Listen for Member unrest and dispatch the relevant information to the Officers.


Regular meetings of the Mile High Magicians Society will be held the second Thursday of each month. The highest ranking Officer present will preside. When meeting dates are in conflict with holidays or other special events, the regular meeting may be rescheduled to another time. Regular meeting dates may be scheduled at any time the Executive Committee chooses as relevant, followed with full notification to the Members. Special meetings may be scheduled for lectures, specific activities, or for any other valid purpose. The availability of venue, the personal schedule of presenters and the appropriateness of other dates will all influence the decisions of the Executive Committee who have the final choice of date, times, venue, schedule, etc. Meetings may be designated “Open” or “Closed”. The bulletin will list such restrictions for meetings. Open meetings are open to friends, to family members to guests, to venue residents — to anyone interested. Closed meetings are open only to MHMS Members, approved guest magicians and designated Potential Members. One section of the meeting might be “Closed” to “Members only” because of the “nature of business” to be conducted. The Sergeant-at-Arms (or designee) will monitor the door at “Closed Meetings”. Officers shall be admitted free of charge to all official functions of The MHMS. Such honorary admission for Officers and Lifetime Members will include Auctions, Lectures, Teach-Ins, Public Shows, any “official function” of The MHMS.


  • (One responsibility of the Sgt-at-Arms)
  • Seek out and secure appropriate Club meeting facilities and potential venues.
  • Make arrangements for meeting rooms appropriate to each event: lecture, stage show, close-up-event, audience configuration, etc.
  • Arrange to have the facility open prior-to the meeting time by at least half an hour and then “secured” after the meeting has adjourned and attendees have departed.
  • Arrange for appropriate stage equipment for meetings: (Screens, drapes, tables, lighting, sound, decorations)
  • Set-up and put-away chairs, tables and other furniture or equipment .
  • Responsibly pick-up and return Master keys, materials, etc. to the facility management personnel.
  • Clean-up and restore the facility to its normal configuration after each meeting.
  • Be responsible for providing security, safety, repair and maintenance.
  • Be responsible for parking facilities, member safety/ safety awareness in the parking area, lighting, etc.
  • Set-up and respond to a buzzer system (if appropriate). (House the equipment between meetings)
  • Write letters of appreciation to facility managers on a regular basis.
  • Inform Members of facility rules and use expectations. (Smoking regulations, etc. )
  • Report to the Club on discovered “other” available facilities, venues. Include various restrictions, expectations, regulations and other pertinent information.
  • Keep records of available potential meeting facilities: cost, size, stage?, lighting?, sound? names of managers, contact people and other special features, etc.
  • Recruit stage crews and greeting members where appropriate.


Because the Current Officers realize that Senior Members of the Mile High Magicians Society should be recognized and honored on a regular basis, the following guidelines shall be in place for selecting such Honorees now and in the future:

Recipients will be selected by the current Board of Officers and Directors. A nominating process which seeks each MHMS Member’s in-put will be established to make certain that every worthy candidate will be considered for inclusion. (An Invitation to submit a nominee’s name could be published in the Abracatabloid as an appropriate procedure for eliciting Member involvement. )

  • Each designated Wizard will be more than seventy years of age or could qualify because of extenuating circumstances such as health factors or pending changes in residence which might inspire a decision that recognition should be initiated sooner.
  • Each candidate will have been an active member of The Mile High Magicians Society for at least five years, (preferably longer. )(A lapse in MHMS Membership will not be a deterrent to selection. Job Retirement and Health issues could dictate such lapses. )
  • To qualify for the Order, it shall be recognized that each chosen Wizard will have made a significant contribution both to Magic and to The Mile High Magicians Society.
  • No monetary award, stipend or Lifetime Membership Status will accompany the designation of Wizard.
  • In order that the Awards Program will maintain a formal aura, the program will also be of quality in keeping with the seriousness of sincere tribute. The Classics of Magic or other such Magical Performance Parade might be an appropriate accompanying program. Participants in such a parade should be appropriately dressed for the occasion and should seek to present the “Classic” in its intended mystical framework.
  • An appropriate plaque, framed certificate or other official document shall be presented to each designee at the time of appointment to “The Order of Mile High Wizards”. These items of documentation should be of the highest quality to encourage each awardee’s keeping the memento and posting it prominently.
  • Every attempt will be made to produce a video tape of the ceremonies and performances in the event that some of the honorees might not be able to attend the celebration and could then receive a video recording of the proceedings. Performers will be encouraged to present as if each recipient were physically present during the program.


Each Elected Officer and the appointed position of Newsletter editor of the Mile High Magicians Society shall have membership dues in the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians and the Mile High Magicians Society paid by the organization during the Officer’s term.

Because the payment of International Dues is made possible through the presentation of a public show, it is possible that such an event will not be scheduled or that other circumstances may portend and the funds necessary to pay International Dues might not be available. In such a case, the MHM Society will not be held responsible for payment of these dues. Meanwhile, if Officers should choose to personally continue paying their dues to the IBM or the SAM, or might have held membership in these organizations for a sufficient length of time that they are no longer assessed dues. In these cases, the MHMS will not be responsible for dues payment.


The President shall annually appoint one person or a group of the MHMS Members as “Property Manager.” That person(s) will be responsible for maintaining and accounting for all Club owned items and keeping a record of both the location and condition of the Club’s property. The Property Manager(s) will maintain and submit an inventory of the SYM’s the MYI’s and the MHMS’s property at the beginning and end of the fiscal year, as well as the location and the person assigned responsibility for each of these items. This inventory will include losses/ gains of property during the year. The inventory will be submitted to the incoming Officers at each year’s beginning. Individuals assigned property (backdrops, banners, equipment, books, stationery, stamps, sound equipment, illusions and other magic apparatus, etc. ) will be responsible for the lending and recovery of all property in their care.


The Refreshment Committee shall procure and provide the serving of refreshments at all Society functions designated by the President: provide receipts for costs incurred andsubmitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement: set-up and re-store refreshment tables at Society functions: act as table hosts during the refreshment period. The Committee is assigned to manage the coffee pot.


 If an Officer’s negligence of duties, destructive attitude, or other negative behavior should deem that person unfit to serve assigned Officer’s Responsibilities, the procedure for impeachment will be registered with the Executive Committee utilizing the process described for use in the event of a Member’s Removal which activates the Grievance and Ethics Committee.


A listing of the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and classification of Mile High Magician’s Society Members and other Umbrella-included groups will be published will be published in a members only, password protected area on the organizations website. Members may choose to have their personal information kept confidential


The Secretary/ Scribe is responsible for submitting Ring 131 reports to the Linking Ring by the deadlines established for that publication. This same Scribe is responsible for submitting Assembly #37 Reports to M-U-M. If the Scribe cannot personally submit reports, an Executive Committee-selected substitute will assume those responsibilities.


The Public Show will be presented annually. Auditions may be conducted for talent inclusion. No MHMS Member or other Performer will be paid to appear in the Public Show. No Performer will receive complimentary tickets or other reimbursement for participating. Tickets, Promotion, Management, etc. will be under the direction of the Executive Committee and their appointees.


It is the duty of each Member of the Telephone Committee to call officially assigned Active MHMS Members at least a week — within three days — prior to each Mile High event. Messages on answering machines will suffice, but a personal and relevant inter-active invitation is what proves to be truly successful in getting people to attend meetings.

Each Member of the Telephone Committee needs to include in the telephone message the date, time, place and nature of the MHMS function or special event. Each MHMS Member deserves to be called personally and invited to attend and participate in every activity of the Magic Club. It is a responsibility to indicate the fun and relevance of events to each individual Member. When the Telephone Committee Members have reached each of their assigned Members, they will report that achievement to the Telephone Committee Chairperson.

An e-mail message to each Member who has e-mail computer equipment is equally effective and highly recommended.


The yearly audit shall be conducted by the MHMS Directors. The result of the audit should be reported by letter to the Executive Committee by February 1. The Mile High Magicians Society shall have a goal to maintain at least one year’s operating expenses as a financial reserve. Reserve funds will be increased whenever income begins to routinely exceed annual operating expenses. Reserve funds will be invested in higher interest-generating accounts. If reserve funds begin to fall below the minimum, the Executive Committee will adopt a conservative spending plan or else, will promote additional funds by increasing the number of fund-generating shows, lectures, workshops or other activities. Funds will be transferred from the checking account to the reserve account expeditiously as the former begins to exceed amounts needed for annual expenses. Decisions concerning activities and events to utilize Club monies effectively will be conducted by formal consideration and decision of the Executive Committee.


The website URL shall be maintained by the executive committee who shall appoint a member to operate and update. The site shall be of good quality and allow for acees to, and distribution of, club information.