December Banquet

Our end of the year Banquet had over 70 friends and family of our Mile High Magicians’ Society in attendance. It was fun evening with a nice buffet dinner and eight performers providing the entertainment. Past National President Dan Rodriguez was our MC for the evening and kept the show rolling right along. He did a rope routine and a card prediction trick in between performers. As he introduced each performer he told us an important fact that maybe others didn’t know about us. It was interesting to hear these fun facts about out compeers’.

William Rader our Editor performed a ball across routine, made them vanish by hanging them up invisibly in mid air and reappear. His ring on rope and his amazing cups and balls routine had both spectators mesmerized even sitting that close to the trick.

The clubs secretary, Glenn Proulx gave us a history lesson about Coca-Cola and popcorn. Using his magical powers he made a glass float in mid air as he poured his drink into it. Next, he had a box of popcorn and a derby hat, paper napkin and tinfoil examined by a spectator for trapdoors and secret compartments. Finding none, the spectator added kernels of un-popped popcorn on top of the napkin, which lined the inside of the derby. Covering it with foil and adding heat under the derby it magically filled up with popped popcorn!

Member Gary Jenkins had a prediction on stage and passed out one-dollar bills to be examined. The three spectators job was to look at the bills serial number and created a new serial number, which Gary wrote down on a white board. Gary had one person make up the new number by looking at several of the bills held in their hand. The next person did the same as well as the last helper. The white boards newly created serial number matched Gary’s folded up prediction.

Next year’s new vice-president, Steve Davis tried to teach us how to force and invisible card, which was signed by an invisible marker. After the invisible deck appeared in a card box, there was one card in the entire deck with Steve’s signature on the spectators selected card.

Coin Conjurer Dave Neighbors performed a rope trick where a silk appeared tied to the center of the rope! Silks vanished and a red and white silk blended together. After Dave vanished coins he hung them up on invisible hooks in front of his face and they reappeared in a glass after going across his massive chest.

Past Vice-President, John Loung performed his super sized sack lunch routine with oversized takeout Asian food boxed, three foot long chop sticks, large straw and for his ending he made a live rabbit appear.

Sargent at Arms, Gene Gordon did a signed card routine where at the end the entire deck had vanished and the signed card was found in an impossible place inside his wallet which as inside his jacket the entire time! He had silks examined and tied together by a helper and the silks were placed inside a clear glass held in plane site. By vanishing a third silk and using a wand and magical words the third silk was found tied in-between the two which had been in plane site the entire time!

President Matt Brandt’s spectator selected a card, which was placed back into his coat pocket. Three different card where then found reversed in the deck which gave Matt clues to the color, suit, and card value so he could mentally tell her originally selected card. When she looked into his pocket her card was gone and four kings were in its’ place and he was holding her card in his other hand! For his final routine Matt did a rope and three inch metal zinc nut routine. The nut was tied onto the center of the rope with four knots and the metal zinc nut melted through the cotton rope fibers to everyone’s surprise. What a fun night we had in Denver!