Thursday, January 11 Meeting

Thursday, January 11th
Past Presidents’ Night

RiverPointe Senior Living
5225 South Prince Street
Littleton, Colorado 80123

On Thursday, January 11th we will be having our first meeting of the year, which is Past Presidents night!  We will be having many of the Club’s past Presidents performing, along with the induction of the new officers.  This is always a well-attended event, so please join us as we catch-up, socialize, and see some really fun magic.

Upcoming Lectures

Sal Piacente

Saturday, Feb 24th
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Dr. AJ Johnson’s office
8000 E. Prentice, suite A-2

Free for MHMS members and non-members are $25.

World renowned Gaming and Memory expert Will be doing his lecture for the club.

Lecture will consist of magic, gambling and memory demonstrations.

He will teach simple but effective effects. He will talk about gambling and cheating and protection.

He will give you techniques and ideas to improve and use memory as tool.
He will have DVD’s of his magic for sale.

Alain Nu

Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00pm
Location: TBA

MHMS members attend for $15 and non-members are $25.

Alain Nu is a life-long full-time artist performer. He performs for presidents, world leaders and royalty. He is the regularly appearing “man of mystery” at the world famous Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. There are a number of other tips and bits of business that he will also be sharing– it is not as well known that Alain is a studied master of many different genres within the field of magic both as a performer and creator. He is also a research explorer who has a deep interest in discovering the possibilities of “real magic” and what might qualify as such. His latest book, State of Mind, The Man Who Knows Reveals The Secrets of Mind Over Matter, discusses these notions and can be purchased at bookstores, as well as online retailers such as Amazon, in both paperback as well as Kindle.

“Alain is a consummate entertainer and a wonderful teacher. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible from this gifted man.” – Richard Webster

“Alain’s knowledge is so deep, it is hard not to be excited by the principles and techniques he shares. If Alain shares, you should listen. It’s real-world, working, hard hitting and very clever. He and I have talked frequently and jammed on many occasions, I feel I am a better performer just knowing him!” – Peter Turner

“When I am with my friend Alain Nu, I always learn something. Now, so can you. When Alain speaks, I listen. Alain is one of mentalism’s great thinkers and teachers. His creations are practical, incredibly well thought out and thoroughly entertaining. His work will delight you, amaze you, and make you think. If you have even a passing interest in the art of mentalism, Alain Nu’s lecture will be an enlightening experience.” – Jon Stetson

“I’ve known Alain for more than 20 years. He is a mentalist with a message. He amazes and inspires… He walks the edge of belief and disbelief.” – Jeff McBride

Alain Nu’s lecture may include:

  • Nu’s unparalleled thoughts on the Any Card At Any Number premise
  • Astounding (and entertaining) over-the-phone mentalism principles
  • Original and diabolical synchronicities using ESP symbols
  • New twists on Alain’s modern classic impromptu book test
  • A super-clever impromptu newspaper test
  • Any time divination of the zodiac sign (and birthday) of a spectator
  • A truly amazing (and SIMPLE) close-up drawing duplication


Close-up Show

Monday, June 5 at 7:00pm

Lumber Baron Mystery Mansion
2555 W 37th Ave
Denver, CO 80211

$10 per ticket

See two solid hours of exciting magic and amazing feats blending magic, merriment and mystery in a delightfully entertaining evening the entire family will enjoy.

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Yearly Meeting Agenda

January 11 – Past Presidents’ Night

February 8 – TBA

March 8 – TBA

April 12 – TBA

May 10 – TBA

June 7 – TBA

July 12 – TBA

August 9 – TBA

September 13 – TBA

October 11 – TBA

November 8 – TBA

December 13 – TBA

Magic Roundtable

We meet every Saturday and Monday at Perkins to discuss and share the latest magic. We welcome anyone with a sincere interest in the art. You can find us in the meeting room in the back of the restaurant.

Saturdays at 12:30pm
Mondays at 9:00pm
Perkins Restaurant
1995 South Colorado Blvd

Rocky Mountain Session | September 7-9, 2018

A session for serious magicians. Join a group of like minded people to share ideas, routines, and techniques to grow our art.

The Rocky Mountain Session is September 7 – 9 at the Marriott by the Airport. See lectures from the top magicians today!