June is for Mentalism

Mentalism night, who would have thought that eleven members would perform and 23 would show up? Only the mentalist! Elliott Baskin had his helper say stop and then he cut a paper in half. On the other side it was cut on the prediction ‘cut here’. Glenn Proulx did a tossed out magazine where a random page was chosen and he read the persons mind and knew one random word on that page. Gene Gordon one card was chosen from a jumbo deck and it matched the card in a box! Also, the numbers where added up on a dice and matched a prediction made by Gene. Anthem and Aria had a prediction hidden inside one of four balloons and a pendulum was used to find the hidden prediction, Wow! William Rader had a spectator pick a random card and it was the only card with a different color back. Dave Neighbors used his powers to bend keys and Steve Davis had someone pick one random queen, then when the other queens were turned over they were really blank cards! Bob Brown had his spectator think of a person. Bob drew a picture of the thought of person and it was a stick figure! The likeness was amazing he nailed it! Rodney Housley asked members to give him a 4 digit number which after using a calculator the grand total was his cell phone number. Matt Brandt has a bunch of socks, which he randomly put in boxes and spelled, out “which box of sox”. Through elimination two boxes remained and when the boxes where opened both sox matched! Gregg Tobo did a fine billet trick where he successfully read three spectators minds and told them who wrote what on each billet. Gregg also had someone pick a random number and while reciting a poem filled in the magic square paper where all numbers equaled 84.