Keith Fields and our Evening of Odd, all in October!

For starters, Keith Fields performed a wonderful signed bill in an examined lemon that had us all totally baffled! Next, he explained how a thumb tip and a simple streamer can be used for any audience and that some times it is forgotten about. It always packs small and plays big for any and all audience. He also pulled a balloon out of his mouth and did his famous Human Xylophone trick which had us all laughing. He finished up using a blank deck to mesmerize us all with finding a blank card that the spectator chose, which was another fun routine.

Our annual Evening of Odd had once again, fun food from Karen Wake and help from Sharon Nuanes. Gregg Tobo performed the Mystery of the Kings Horses. Gene Gordon had a mysterious Ghost House where silks would appear and vanish. Member Marty Jewel had five objects from her mom’s collection that would vanish. When the trick was over, a ghost was all dressed up with the missing objects. Karen and Jeff Wake did a King Arthur trick where the helper was dressed up and helped with Camelot and Merlin slay the dragon which would hide and appear behind a couple of doors in the castle. Bob Brown did some cold readings from members in the audience. Bob was spot on when giving out the answers. Gregg Tobo took a sheet of paper and by carefully tearing it, he had a hole large enough for seven spectators to walk through. Rich Nakata, had three cards selected, and returned to the deck and then next to everyone’s chagrin he dropped the full deck o cards into a bucket o dirty water! Card lovers from all over the room were ready to dive in to rescue them. Putting his hand into the water, he pulled out all of the selected cards and then a six foot rubber snake almost making his young helper pass out!