Past President’s Night

Newly elected president Andrew Bates introduced last years President, Matt Brandt. Matt had a few Presidential commendations to award members who attended 10 or more meetings this past year. Recipients were Yuy Gordon, Steve Davis (In coming VP), John Luong, Bruce and Kitty Spangler! Andrew then made a few announcements about the upcoming year and is excited to be president for a second time. On to the show.

Gene Gordon (1992-93) produced cards from a card box and then a full sized magic wand! He produced a rope and had knots appear and disappear. Finally, pulling the knot off and vanishing it. Tegan helped him by selecting a card and signing it, it was lost in the pack. She aimed her finger at the pack and said Bang! The card flew from the pack and had her name and a bullet hole in it.

Steve Spangler (’96) reminisced about his friend and mentor Earl Reum. Then produced a 6′ ladder from a briefcase. He then had some wise words to say about the magic club, he illustrated these points with strips of fabric. He tore these strips into several shapes, one a separate circle, the other two linked circles, the last combined into one giant circle.

Jeff Jensen (’16) came on and did a classic piece of magic with a silk handkerchief. Jeff tied a knot and made it slide off magically. The silk handkerchief had three holes in it for a nice surprise! He then performed some classic card manipulation done to music… Good stuff!

Dan Rodriguez (past national prez) Showed us a “dart board” with many colored squares on the back. He then gave a “invisible” which was tossed at the board, he missed and hit Dan in the knee. Next, Dan was hit in the eye! Finally it hit the board! The color arrived at matched a previously picked color!

Andrew Bates (’15 and ’18)) asked two people to name cards 9H, 3S. Then name two people’s names. He showed the cards which all had peoples names on the backs and he took out the two cards. and these cards were the 9H and 3S! Taking a jumbo pack of cards, Andrew found the names… these cards impossibly matched the 9H and 3S already named!

Chad did a mentalism trick with cards and then with ESP cards where his helper picked a card that matched his prediction.

Dave and Connie pulled a solid milk chocolate rabbit out of a hat then a real rabbit appeared!

Matt Brandt plucked three coins from mid air then they vanished. We are off to a great year.