Past President’s Night

Forty plus members and family showed up to the first meeting of the year our Past Presidents Night for a magical evening. Past National President, Dan Rodriguez swore in the new board members Matt Brandt President, Jeff Jenson Vice-President, Glenn Proulx Secretary, Chad Darnell Treasurer, and Gene Gordon Sargent-at-Arms, along with Dick Bowman’s help. Matt Brandt performed a card trick where the Nine of Diamonds vanished out of one deck and it ended face up in another deck. Jeff Jenson did a torn and restored paper trick with the help of two kids. Andrew Bates taught us a lesson that his dad taught him “Don’t let your sister get your goat” where five people picked different colored envelopes and inside were different animal names, the goat was chosen last. Gene Gordon and Matt Brandt did a comedy Professor’s Nightmare routine and then Connie Elston used a duck bucket where a chocolate candy rabbit appeared then a real one appeared. Chris Manos did a $6 repeat where at the end the money changed into Chinese money. Up again was Gene who had silks change colors in his hand and then he did a card trick where the chosen card melted through a large silk. Another chosen card was then torn up and the pieces vanished. One card piece ended up inside a Linking Ring magazine and matched the other restored pieces! Dave Elston had ten random cards chosen and placed into a sealed envelope. Four more cards were shot from across the room and ended up inside the sealed envelope. Dan Rodriquez told us a story about three bears using ropes of different lengths and also made a table float around the room. Last up was Steve Aldrich who had a length of chain where the links would unlink and visibly slink down the outside of the chain and reconnect to the bottom link. It was a sight to be seen!

Jared Kopf was our guest lecturer and he wowed and amazed us with his linking rings, card handling and mentalism techniques using a deck of cards and even business cards. A person would swear that you inspected and handled all six steel rings and yet, they melted together and apart! His false shuffles were spectacular. What a great start to the New Year, and next time you are in the Denver area please join us for this years magical meetings and lectures.