Past President’s Night

Newly elected president Andrew Bates introduced last years President, Matt Brandt. Matt had a few Presidential commendations to award members who attended 10 or more meetings this past year. Recipients were Yuy Gordon, Steve Davis (In coming VP), John Luong, Bruce and Kitty Spangler! Andrew then made a few announcements about the upcoming year and is excited to be president … Read More

December Banquet

Our end of the year Banquet had over 70 friends and family of our Mile High Magicians’ Society in attendance. It was fun evening with a nice buffet dinner and eight performers providing the entertainment. Past National President Dan Rodriguez was our MC for the evening and kept the show rolling right along. He did a rope routine and a … Read More

Table Magic

Table Magic Night was filled with many members volunteering to perform magic tricks or gags that could be performed after dinner with friends and family. Glenn Proulx did the linking paper clips with a bill or piece of paper, how to lift an empty beer bottle with a straw, ACAAN card trick, a TNR signed newspaper and he re-sealed and … Read More

Keith Fields and our Evening of Odd, all in October!

For starters, Keith Fields performed a wonderful signed bill in an examined lemon that had us all totally baffled! Next, he explained how a thumb tip and a simple streamer can be used for any audience and that some times it is forgotten about. It always packs small and plays big for any and all audience. He also pulled a … Read More

September 2017

**** Important:  October 9th Keith Fields Lecture at RiverPointe Our September Close-up Competition was a lot of fun, and had a couple of new members perform.  Steve Davis performed a trick using large index cards where some cards were blank, some had holes, and some had spots on them.  Magically the holes and spots moved around on the cards into … Read More

Secretary Report – August 2017

Please make a note:  Keith Fields lecture Monday Oct, 9th at Riverpointe 7pm. Our August Teach-In by members had a good turn out. Greg Tobbo did a spectacular job teaching us his linking ring routine. He took parts from Dai Vernon and from watching others in person an on line to blend the parts he liked into his own routine. … Read More

Secretary Report July

The Trevor Duffy lecture was a lot of fun. Trevor taught us how to double our money at any given moment and how to change paper into money. A spectators signed card ended up in Trevor’s pocket then disappeared and ended up in his other pocket which had been clipped shut the entire time with a binder clip! It was … Read More

June is for Mentalism

Mentalism night, who would have thought that eleven members would perform and 23 would show up? Only the mentalist! Elliott Baskin had his helper say stop and then he cut a paper in half. On the other side it was cut on the prediction ‘cut here’. Glenn Proulx did a tossed out magazine where a random page was chosen and … Read More

Secretary Report May

Marcus Eddie, Impromptu Magic night and Chris Randall Marcus Eddie came to Denver and performed for us a lot of the effects he has created using found objects from around the home or restaurant. On the way in to perform he got a huge splinter in his finger and he pulled it out with his teeth, it was two inches … Read More

3 Events in April

April was a busy month in Denver, we had three events so we definitely got our fill of magic this month. First, we had Bronson Chadwick perform his original chopstick and Chinese coin production from mid air. He also suggested to keep you patter short to help keep peoples interest and attention when doing any trick. Bronson did a 6-card … Read More