Secretary Report – December

Our end of the year Banquet was well attended by sixty members, family and friends.  Our Past Board Members and the New Board Members provided our entertainment.  Matt Brandt performed his version of cups and balls with a new, never before seen twist on the ending.  He even has some memorabilia signed by Dai Vernon and Goshman in his collection.  … Read More

Secretary Report November 2016

Magic Beyond Belief was our 11th year of providing a family friendly public show this month.  Dan Rodriguez performed in his golf attire and produced many golf balls and clubs! Poor Dan’s shoes would fill up with sand and he would empty them just to have them fill up again.  Rod Wayne produced a gorilla from a doll house with a banana wand.  With his two helpers … Read More

Secretary Report -October

Evening of Odd Every October we have our Evening of Odd club meeting where members will perform odd magic. We were not disappointed this time either! Karen Wake made ghoulish treats for us to eat and Jeff was our MC, which had a Twilight Zone theme. Bob Brown made his own Jacob’s Ladder and made a pickle glow while Paul … Read More

Wow, Club Meeting Teach-In, “Ice”, and a Session!

Our summer teach-in had William Rader perform a Tic-Tac-To prediction and a Do as I Do card trick. Next, Matt Brandt taught us the classic gypsy thread routine with helpful hints how to do the setup without getting kinks in your thread. Gene Gordon taught a couple of methods on how to do a fun cards across routine. Steve Aldrich … Read More

Secretary Report – August 2016

Our summer BBQ was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful turnout.  Performers included Matt Brandt who performed with coins and a string, Dave Neighbors performed his wonderful coins across routine, Jean-Luc caught snaps in mid air, Steve Davis made blue backed cards change to 4 different colors and then turn back to blue, Gregg Tobo memorized a whole deck of playing cards in … Read More

Secretary Report – July 2016

July is the month that we have a show for residents at RiverPointe for letting us use their community room for our meetings.  We had a standing room only turnout, what fun! Rodney Wayne Housley performed a wonderful cups and balls routine. Our next performer was Joe O’Brien who did a color changing silk routine, torn and restored newspaper, cut … Read More

Secretary Report – June 2016

June was our parlor, comedy magic contest. The following performers made it a fun night.  Gregg Tobo performed a wonderful trick using a raffle ball cage. The ball number was multiplied in his head. He can square, cube or multiply any number to the 4th or 5th power in his head! He spoke on the subject of how the Egyptians … Read More

Secretary Report – May 2016

William Rader suggested that you have 8-10 tricks that pack small and play big, resets quickly for your walk around magic and he talked how he approaches a table and suggests having a sign in the lobby so patrons will know there is a magician in house. He also suggests not to be timid, show confidence, and be friendly!   Try … Read More

Secretary Report – April 2016

Duane Laflin and Mary came to the Mile High City this month and did a lecture for our club. It was a fun and extremely educational as he had a bunch of fun, entertaining, and great magic effects that would work for all magicians and performers.  Duane did his growing sponge ball magic and explained his do’s and don’ts when … Read More

Secretary Report – March 2016

Our Annual Flea Market was another night of fun for the Mile High Magicians. Crowds showed up to sell or buy magic and we had two new members signed up that night!  We had 12 sellers and lots of magicians came together to buy used, dusty, no longer magic treasures, VCR tapes, DVD’S, new decks of cards, old antique cards, … Read More