Secretary Report – December 2015

Our Holiday Dinner was hosted at The Lumber Baron by Walt Keller. There were over 50 people in attendance made up of our members and their families.

First off, to correct an error in our last report: Joe and Carol Givan WERE at, and performed at our 10th annual public magic show. Carol, with a broken shoulder I may add, performed their “Freaky Carol” act. She was tied up with rope, and managed to put on a gentleman’s sport coat under the rope!

Emcee Jeff Jenson did a Chinese Rice Paper, AKA- toilet paper to mouth coil. Then a signed $20 bill vanished and landed inside a lemon! Matt Brandt performed a signed card trick which was marked with a “Magic Marker” and Tyrone, the T-Rex helper, helped find the card. Then, Matt shot the deck and a burned card was stuck to the wall. The burned card then transformed into the signed card. Jonathan Buczkowski did a card trick where both spectators picked the same card, followed by a mind readingtrick using an imaginary book.

Daniel Macmillan, WOW! Daniel performed one of the best card to pocket routines we have seen. Spectators would pick which card they wanted him to vanish from his hand and it would end up in his pocket!

Joe Givan’s faith healing with band-aids is always fun. Initials on a healer and healee band-aid magically trade places while in plain view. Gene Gordon did a few coin routines where coins vanished then, when dropped on the floor, split in 2!! Coins across to a glass with the theme ‘Christmas Carol’ Past, Preset, and Future, was done with a flaming wallet. William Rader’s mind reading was impressive! He drew a picture where every object would end up in a different predicted place on his helper and it worked! Steve Aldrich cut and restored ribbon mystery was fun, his Miser’s Dream and Silk in Egg was impressive. Steve placed the sticker on his forehead then as he peeled it off the silk came out of his brains.

Thank you to our President Andrew Bates for all your hard work and dedication to our club!

We meet the second Thursday of the month at RiverPointe Senior Community (5225 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80123).

About the Author

Glenn Proulx

A neighbor showed me a trick when I was in fourth grade and I was hooked ever since on magic! My sister and parents would sit on the basement stairs and I would do a show. I got my first magic set that year from Santa and I still have most of the tricks. I enjoy close-up and parlor tricks.