Secretary Report – February 2016

This February we had our annual Past Presidents Night.  It was fun and seven of our Past Presidents performed some amazing magic for us.  Dan Rodriguez, Andrew Bates, Chris Manos, Gene Gordon, Sharon Nuanes, Matt Brandt, and Brad Montgomery!

Also, in February David Gabbey was our guest lecturer.  He performed his version of Anniversary Waltz, a small purse was shown and a full size sharpie came out of it.  Four invisible coins were taken out of the small purse, and then appeared on the table!  David did an amazing three fly coin routine too.

His next trick was having a signed quarter vanish and appear INSIDE a sealed pack of sugar.  His method was brilliant!  Next, he showed us a box and placed it on the table.  Inside that box was an empty metal tea brewer. He has a card signed the card flew through the air, and ended up under the card box top.   It was lost in the deck and ended up inside the card box.  For the third vanish, it ended up inside the metal tea brewer!  David is so good at mis-direction.  Even after the explanation, and he performed it again some of us where still fooled.

His Jiggernaut routine produced a large olive and he made a real Martini which fascinated us.   Along with his cylinder, coins, cork and wand routine.   A stack of coins are placed on the table and a small cork placed on top of them then covered with a cylinder.  With a wave of the wand, the coins are now on top of the cork.  They traded places numerous times too.

David’s signed coin which vanished and ended up in numerous nested card boxes was really fun to watch.  Each of the card boxes diminished in size which was fun to watch.  His last trick was the Coins through chiffon scarf.

It was a fun night for all and thank you to A.J. for providing the venue!


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