Secretary Report February

Club members look forward to the Teach-in. Everyone learned four new tricks that night and we had a lot of members show up. Tommy Walker taught us about Rubber Band magic and gave us rubber bands to practice with and take home. Matt Brandt taught us an impromptu torn and restored bill routine that can be used anywhere and how to make writing appear and disappear on a Sharpie. Dave Neighbors explained and demonstrated his Coins in the Corner routine. What a master coin manipulator! He gave us suggestions of books to read to get more information on coin handling, switches and palming. Gene Gordon taught us a couple of amazing card tricks using a normal deck of cards. One in which the spectators card was found between two Joker’s at each end of the deck. When the deck is closed up and re-spread open the Joker’s are closer together with less and less card in between. The next time the deck is closed and re-opened the Joker’s are eventually right next to each other with the spectators card sandwiched in between. The other card trick taught was having any random card chosen, replaced in the deck and thoroughly slop shuffled. Next, the magician was in trouble and couldn’t find the card, but being a magician the card was successfully found in a different part of the deck. With a little practice this will be a killer routine. The great thing about this teach-in is, everyone goes home that night with new tricks they could practice and perform within a week, many times with supplies they already have at home.