Secretary Report – July 2015

johnloungGene Gordon made a grape changed place in the spectators hand then turned a ball into square with squeaker, and his rendition of the blank deck.

AJ Perea took a taught rope and played violin music then performed the Professor’s Nightmare trick. It was an awesome trick!

Sharon Nuannes made a silk appear into a cane, then her scarf production turned into a big scarf! Liquid was poured into newspaper, vanished, then colored liquid from a champaine bottle appeared. She made a scarf vanish and it ended up tied in between other scarfs. The Crystal Tube was next with a multiple scarf ending.

Joe O’Brien did a Coins Across in short sleaves!

Gregg Tobo did a remarkable Thumb Tie, with long gauze strips and caught solid rings.

John Luong did a salt pour bill, and an initialed bill vanished and ended up in a bill tube and multiple rabbits appeared. He also brought his lunch and large chop sticks that changed colors!

Tyler Vampires demonstrated various card shuffles, a card chosen and the image was mentality transmitted to him and he drew the card the card on large art book.

Matt Brandt did a card trick where 4 cards were passed out and torn up. He eliminate face down pieces after tossing them in the air. His prediction was the King of Hearts and one of the torn corner pieces matched his prediction. A marked quarter was wrapped in dollar then placed on ground. He stepped on bill and the quarter vanished! After he took off his shoe the quarter ends up inside sock. He performed a card trick and kept finding numerous jokers. At the end all of the red card backs changed to different backs except her card was the only red back!

We meet the second Thursday of the month at RiverPointe Senior Community (5225 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80123).

About the Author

Glenn Proulx

A neighbor showed me a trick when I was in fourth grade and I was hooked ever since on magic! My sister and parents would sit on the basement stairs and I would do a show. I got my first magic set that year from Santa and I still have most of the tricks. I enjoy close-up and parlor tricks.