Secretary Report July

The Trevor Duffy lecture was a lot of fun. Trevor taught us how to double our money at any given moment and how to change paper into money. A spectators signed card ended up in Trevor’s pocket then disappeared and ended up in his other pocket which had been clipped shut the entire time with a binder clip! It was a true miracle that had us all wondering how he did it. His hand NEVER went into or near his pocket until he showed us his empty hand, removed the clip and proceeded to pull out the signed card. WOW! Smoke came out of his hand, and he made blood appear on a person’s arm. He also explained his design of the Phil deck and how it has evolved into a wonderful trick. All had a great time.

Next, we had Electronic Master and professional, Mario Marchese and his family from New York. Everyone’s mouth was hitting the floor with his masterful routine. His suitcase was alive, it would open, close, flowers appeared, fell to the floor and sponge balls along with soup cans appeared as well. In one of his effects his shoelace was untied, and removed, then it changed colors, and if that wasn’t enough, they RE-LACED onto his shoe. Mario’s top hat had just as many electronic features as well. We were awestruck with the amount of time, effort and PRECISION of his magical apparatuses. He had a cool cups and balls routine with a surprise final load too. Both Trevor and Mario explained how they stay so positive while performing and practicing magic. Surround your self with fun, loyal, and energetic people and you should experience success. Mario also explained how you can make magic out of anything. If either of these two magicians are in your area be sure to invite them to your meeting, you won’t be disappointed!