Secretary Report – November 2015

Dan Fleshman came through town and performed many of his favorite working magic routines, his Ninja Rings and Professor’s Nightmare with a ring to name a few.  He gave us ideas of what to perform for walk around that was easy to reset.  His Jiggernaut, Extreme Burn, Kinetic Key, and Multiplying Rabbits, along with his 3 Card Monte were a hit!  

Our 10th annual public show was a great time with many local performers.  It is our main fundraiser of the year and we had great attendance.  Comments from the crowd at intermission were very favorable.  Matt Brandt was the MC and introduced Gregg Tobo, William Rader, Mysto the Magi, Jeff Jenson, John T. Sheets, Chad Wonder, Keir Royale, and Tommy Walker.  Gene Gordon entertained in the lobby at intermission.

Bizzaro came and performed many great tricks that he invented.  A chosen card was shuffled, returned to the deck and then boxed.  A straw was put in the card box like a juice box and the spectators card was found and sucked up through the straw!  He split pop cans in two, and made entire 6-packs of pop visibly change places.  His sponge ball routine was amazing!  He poked holes in Oreo cookies, did his Hidden cash, and broke off teeth from a comb, placed them in his mouth with string and they all came out attached to the thread!

Thanksgiving Table Crap night is always a lot of fun because it is an open night where anyone can perform using anything that they may find on their Thanksgiving Table.  Silverware, napkins, and sugar packets were common props.  Gene Gordon gave us an impromptu set, including some wandering matches. Steve Aldritch presented a beautiful Ring on wooden spoon, and Marty Jewell magnetized a spoon to her nose and thumb, and Bruce and Kitty Spangler took Table Crap to the literal and logical conclusion.

We meet the second Thursday of the month at RiverPointe Senior Community (5225 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80123).

About the Author

Glenn Proulx

A neighbor showed me a trick when I was in fourth grade and I was hooked ever since on magic! My sister and parents would sit on the basement stairs and I would do a show. I got my first magic set that year from Santa and I still have most of the tricks. I enjoy close-up and parlor tricks.