Secretary Report -October

Evening of Odd

Every October we have our Evening of Odd club meeting where members will perform odd magic. We were not disappointed this time either! Karen Wake made ghoulish treats for us to eat and Jeff was our MC, which had a Twilight Zone theme. Bob Brown made his own Jacob’s Ladder and made a pickle glow while Paul Noffsinger had a sealed prediction held by a spectator. A page was selected out of the book Centennial and it was missing. However, the missing page was found in the sealed envelope and fit perfectly in the book! Chris Manos put a stuffed animal inside a doghouse and hit it with electricity and all that was left was a huge dog skeleton. Lew Wymisner had Jeff wear a woman’s skirt and select a card. The card was torn up, most of it vanished in a pan, and by using a political candidate’s magic word the card was found in Jeff’s garter. All howled with laughter! Marty Jewell had and alien machine that lost his head and re-found it. Karen did a fine rendition of 12 days of Halloween with fun props. Chelsea the Clairvoyant predicted who was holding which ball with the help of her voodoo doll. Mark Strivings used the wives of Uncle Harold to predict how he would be buried. Michael Rehdish played a game of Jeopardy, and Rich Nakata had a séance where a pentagram started to burn on a piece of paper!

The David Ginn lecture was filled with a lot of fun and laughter as he shared a lot of great ideas for performing for kids, get them laughing right off the bat is his suggestion. Sponge balls, silk, squeak horns, pennies, the multiplying banana routine, a change bag with a miss-made American flag, a flower eating bunny rabbit puppet are some of his props. His linking ropes and vanishing arm trick using two volunteers was fun. Stretching bananas and a cool science trick using a coffee cup, string, a fender washer and a wooden spoon are things you can also use at a kids show. The way he uses all of his tricks together shows how he scripts everything!