Secretary Report – September 2015

Our September Teach-in meeting was a lot of fun as always, and we all learned a bunch of new tricks. Matt Brandt taught us two cool Bottle from Silk routines and a Bottle in Shoe. One from three silks, another from Toilet Paper, and the last was a bottle of lemonade in his shoe. Matt also explained different gimmicks that can be used to hold or produce a bottle.

William Rader taught us two mentalist routines, one with multiple outs. Three coins were hanging invisibly in mid air and the spectator was asked to pick two. One invisible coin was marked by a free choice on ‘Tails’. Another spectator was holding a coin since the beginning of the trick in a closed fist. The third coin was presented and sure enough, there was and ‘X’ on the tails side! Four people came up to help and each was given a card marker to draw their favorite toy they played with as a child. William used his powers to correctly predict who drew each toy! He explained his method when th trick was done.

Kier Royale hooked us with a cool card trick called “The Code”. He didn’t divulge the secret and kept us all wanting more!

Jeff Jensen performed an amazing signed card which vanished and was found inside to a sealed bag of potato chips! He also took a sandwich bag and made silks change colors back and forth then those silks vanished and blended into a one new silk. His method was explained as well.

Gene Gordon our MC for the night performed a 6 card repeat and fun patter. Next he blew bubbles which he got from a wedding and produced a glass crystal bubble. Once that bubble was heated up with a lighter, it too changed into a red crystal bubble. Once again, another fun night of learning magic was had in the Mile High city.

We meet the second Thursday of the month at RiverPointe Senior Community (5225 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80123).

About the Author

Glenn Proulx

A neighbor showed me a trick when I was in fourth grade and I was hooked ever since on magic! My sister and parents would sit on the basement stairs and I would do a show. I got my first magic set that year from Santa and I still have most of the tricks. I enjoy close-up and parlor tricks.