September 2017

**** Important:  October 9th Keith Fields Lecture at RiverPointe

Our September Close-up Competition was a lot of fun, and had a couple of new members perform.  Steve Davis performed a trick using large index cards where some cards were blank, some had holes, and some had spots on them.  Magically the holes and spots moved around on the cards into different places.

Our next performer was Bart Landry who brought along two large Siamese Cylinders.  They were both completely empty and shown freely on all sides and angles; silks would appear from the empty cylinders.  Then, a red ball appeared and vanished for the last time. All of a sudden, in the balls place was a beautifully ornate HUGE metal Urn.

Up next was Shane Cohen who had a five-dollar bill signed then he vanished it to the spectator’s surprise.  Shane tossed out some trash paper balls and if you caught one you where the helper.  Each helper named a suit and value of an imaginary card from the imaginary deck.  After the card was chosen, the trash paper was opened by each spectator who stood in front of the audience and written on each trash paper piece spelled out the name of the imaginary card!  The $5 bill was eventually found inside a solid Kiwi!

Max Davis was our last performer and Max did a mentalist trick using a small cube with multiple colors on each side of it.  The cube was held in a spectator’s hand and a different color chosen each time.  Each and every time he predicted the color she held face up in her hand.  It was amazing! He had two spectators each take a deck of cards and randomly deal down on the table a random amount of cards, stopping when they wanted to.  Much to our surprise, when both tabled cards where turned face up, they both randomly stopped at the same card!

The results of the competition were Max, first place, Shane won the People’s Choice award, and Steve and Bart tied for third place.  Congratulations to all performers!