Wow, Club Meeting Teach-In, “Ice”, and a Session!

Our summer teach-in had William Rader perform a Tic-Tac-To prediction and a Do as I Do card trick. Next, Matt Brandt taught us the classic gypsy thread routine with helpful hints how to do the setup without getting kinks in your thread. Gene Gordon taught a couple of methods on how to do a fun cards across routine. Steve Aldrich showed us how to make a production/vanishing paper bag utility that could be used with numerous tricks.

Kenrick “Ice” McDonald Lecture

Kenrick “Ice” McDonald words of wisdom were, “Find your swagger, have great showmanship, have fun and bring your audience back to their childhood, this will make for a great show.” His misdirection was fun to watch and he explained why he used this type of misdirection for the magic he does. He performed Mental Picture, Restored, Fortune Cookie, a card ended up inside a sealed Fortune Cookie! Exchange, is where a bill changed into another denomination from a different country! Utterly amazing.

The Rocky Mountain Session

The Rocky Mountain Session took place on September 23 – 25 in Denver. Caleb Wiles, Steve Reynolds, Mark Strivings, and Bill Abbott all gave wonderful lectures. During the attendee show, there were performances from Kainoa Harbottle, Dave Neighbors, Dan Fleshman, Marcus Eddie, and Curtis Kam. Gregg Tobo finished the show with a few routines from his show A Mathematician at Play which he performs at various fringe festivals across the country. The Session was a huge hit and hopefully William Rader will produce it again next year.