Secretary Report – February 2016

This February we had our annual Past Presidents Night.  It was fun and seven of our Past Presidents performed some amazing magic for us.  Dan Rodriguez, Andrew Bates, Chris Manos, Gene Gordon, Sharon Nuanes, Matt Brandt, and Brad Montgomery! Also, in February David Gabbey was our guest lecturer.  He performed his version of Anniversary Waltz, a small purse was shown … Read More

Secretary Report – January 2016

Denver is off to an amazing start for the magical year of 2016!  We started off by bringing in an outstanding lecture with Martin Lewis! There were over 40 enthusiastic magicians in attendance that night. The first trick that he performed was his Instant Coffee trick where two empty cups were inspected and one chosen by a spectator.  A bag of coffee beans … Read More

Secretary Report – December 2015

Our Holiday Dinner was hosted at The Lumber Baron by Walt Keller. There were over 50 people in attendance made up of our members and their families. First off, to correct an error in our last report: Joe and Carol Givan WERE at, and performed at our 10th annual public magic show. Carol, with a broken shoulder I may add, … Read More

Secretary Report – November 2015

Dan Fleshman came through town and performed many of his favorite working magic routines, his Ninja Rings and Professor’s Nightmare with a ring to name a few.  He gave us ideas of what to perform for walk around that was easy to reset.  His Jiggernaut, Extreme Burn, Kinetic Key, and Multiplying Rabbits, along with his 3 Card Monte were a … Read More

Secretary Report – October 2015

October was filled with four events. First, we had Barry Schor come to town and do his lecture. He shared what he carries in his pockets to perform. Professor’s Nightmare is a perfect trick for young, old, and it is even a trick to cross all language barriers. He performed Match to flower, told us how to fix a flipper … Read More

Secretary Report – September 2015

Our September Teach-in meeting was a lot of fun as always, and we all learned a bunch of new tricks. Matt Brandt taught us two cool Bottle from Silk routines and a Bottle in Shoe. One from three silks, another from Toilet Paper, and the last was a bottle of lemonade in his shoe. Matt also explained different gimmicks that … Read More

Secretary Report – August 2015

Our August meeting was filled with our meeting of Old, Unique and One of a kind magic.  We also had the pleasure of having the Penguin Magic Live Expo attend Denver later in the month! To begin our August meeting, Gene Gordon brought in some of his favorite old magic books. Some were older than us! Aiden and Tyler helped … Read More

Secretary Report – July 2015

Gene Gordon made a grape changed place in the spectators hand then turned a ball into square with squeaker, and his rendition of the blank deck. AJ Perea took a taught rope and played violin music then performed the Professor’s Nightmare trick. It was an awesome trick! Sharon Nuannes made a silk appear into a cane, then her scarf production … Read More

Secretary Report – June 2015

June was our Annual Mile High Family Picnic. Instead of at the park we decided to try something different and host it inside to see if we would have a better turnout. We had a wonderful turnout and it rained a ton that night so we lucked out. Burgers, dogs, rain and magic…what a night! Gene Gordon performed the 6 card … Read More

Secretary Report – April 2015

Jon Armstrong came to Denver for our April meeting. He performed a wonderful 3 Card Monte using blank cards. Needless to say for the first few guesses, we found the blank card every time! Then, Jon had one of the two spectators; Mike and Gary, sign their name on the blank card. They found their card a few times, then … Read More