Secretary Report – August 2016

Our summer BBQ was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful turnout.  Performers included Matt Brandt who performed with coins and a string, Dave Neighbors performed his wonderful coins across routine, Jean-Luc caught snaps in mid air, Steve Davis made blue backed cards change to 4 different colors and then turn back to blue, Gregg Tobo memorized a whole deck of playing cards in 18 seconds, John Leong performed his salt pour, multiplying squirrels, color changing chop sticks, and professors nightmare routine. Next was Glenn Proulx who did a $1-20 bill change, Steve Aldrich floated metal wooden blocks through paper, made colors change places and pass through each other,  and performed a crooked dealing routine. Jeff Jensen smashed a beer bottle and placed it in a sack and then used his powers to find the back with the jagged bottle inside. Gene Gordon finished the show with a routine that consisted of a bag, rope, cards, and a lasso. The finale included a signed card that ended up in a sealed envelope.

Shoot Ogawa Lecture

Shoot Ogawa performed routines with cards, and coins, and performed a fun 3 card Monte effect. His effects and handling of coins, cards, and linking rings shows his expertise in everything he touches. His four of hearts strolling effect was wonderful along with his business card that had a moveable hole. Shoot also explained his color changing thimble magic routine. He showed us an eight-card trick using a Brain Wave deck. He suggested taking a classic trick and by changing the presentation you will come up with a brand new ending. He said that is what he tries to do with all of his magic. I was most impressed with how he could flawlessly melt one linking ring through another from any point on that solid ring!

About the Author

Glenn Proulx

A neighbor showed me a trick when I was in fourth grade and I was hooked ever since on magic! My sister and parents would sit on the basement stairs and I would do a show. I got my first magic set that year from Santa and I still have most of the tricks. I enjoy close-up and parlor tricks.