Secretary Report – August 2017

Please make a note:  Keith Fields lecture Monday Oct, 9th at Riverpointe 7pm.

Our August Teach-In by members had a good turn out. Greg Tobbo did a spectacular job teaching us his linking ring routine. He took parts from Dai Vernon and from watching others in person an on line to blend the parts he liked into his own routine. In Greg’s routine he has built in parts where he will get maximum laughter and automatic audience applause. He did part of his routine on stage and he had spectator help. Later in the performance he stood behind the spectator so every move was up close and at eye level to the spectator.

Matt Brandt had holes punched into each corner of a dollar bill and using his magical powers, all of the holes migrated all up into one corner. Matt explained how to use a dinner receipt from a local eatery or by using colored pieces of paper to create this magic. Another thing Matt suggested was to draw a stick figure of a woman on one piece of paper and then make that switch into another stick figure of a woman cut in half. It was pretty ingenious.

Glenn Proulx showed how he adapted and made a trick he read about in Linking Ring, Shawn Farquhar’s egg inside a lemon and the lemon inside a balloon trick. He used small switches he scavenged from an old computer. Glenn showed us how he took an Arduino and made a deck of cards move and then move a small bucket, which was perched on top of a shoebox. He showed how easy it is to make lights blink on and off if you want them added into your shows.

Gene Gordon did some card magic where signed cards ended up in a couple different places, under a bag and in Gene’s wallet. In another trick a card, which was torn into four pieces, vanished except for one piece, but the cool part was the rest of the card pieces vanished except one.   The rest of the card was restored and found inside a sealed box of frosted flakes with a corner missing. The missing corner was being held in the spectator’s hand and fit the card perfectly. What a trick!