Secretary Report – December

Our end of the year Banquet was well attended by sixty members, family and friends.  Our Past Board Members and the New Board Members provided our entertainment.  Matt Brandt performed his version of cups and balls with a new, never before seen twist on the ending.  He even has some memorabilia signed by Dai Vernon and Goshman in his collection.  John Luong had a clear water bottle lid and stuff appeared out of it from thin air.  He did his salt pour into a mini wok, color changing knives and a signed dollar bill ended up in a bill tube.  Dan McMillan made metal rings link and un-link within within 6” of two spectators eyes…It was amazing.  Glenn Proulx had a corner torn off of a bill and left in plane sight while a lemon was selected and held by a spectator.  The remainder of the bill vanished and the bill was found inside the lemon with a corner missing. The torn corner was a perfect match and so was the serial number.  Andrew Bates had a mixed up bag of white and black balls.  If you selected a white ball you tell a white lie. If you got a black ball, tell the truth.  He correctly predicted who was telling the truth or not then he gave out gifts to each participant and one got a pair of handcuffs! Mysto the Magi did Professor’s nightmare that hypnotized us and poured water from a pitcher which would start and stop under his commands.  Chad Wonder has cards with famous names on the back of every card. Leonardo DiCaprio was selected and matched his prediction, his baby picture and when it was turned over it was his real picture.  Gene Gordon took a napkin and tore it into a snow flake which turned into an egg. He made bubbles turned into a crystal ball, his helper kept picked a card which ended up on his Gene’s forehead. Finally, the torn up a card which vanished out of a hanky and ended up in a box of Fruit Loops. What a surprise when a card found inside with its corner missing matched the torn off corner Sean was holding.  Jeff Jenson performed a card’s across from one spectators pile to another with ten feet of space in between.   He then performed his card manipulation routine which was amazing and skillful. What a Night!!!