Secretary Report May

Marcus Eddie, Impromptu Magic night and Chris Randall

Marcus Eddie came to Denver and performed for us a lot of the effects he has created using found objects from around the home or restaurant. On the way in to perform he got a huge splinter in his finger and he pulled it out with his teeth, it was two inches in length! What an effect. He also gave out his last breath mint only to have the container fill back up again before our eyes.  Marcus floated a bottle of water, changed pennies into dimes and showed us his progression of how he has improved an empty card box to produce not one but TWO decks of cards from the same box!

Impromptu Night was a lot of fun too.  Magicians brought in various tricks and let the members pick a trick off of the table and they had 15 minutes to come up with a routine to perform.  It was nice to see some of the members perform for the first time.  We also had a guest from the San Francisco Bay area visiting and he even jumped in and performed.  Thank you Suyash for sharing your talents!  We had card tricks, silk magic, change bags that made a light bulb appear, cups and balls, street cons, quarters ending up inside a shoe and inside a sock!  Burnt matches vanished out of the book then reappeared, a zipper transformed from one, to two linked, then un-linked, then became big enough to fix a pillow. Dissolving knots ended the night and at one point broccoli appeared!

Chris Randall borrowed a $100, which was signed, and then he vanished it then went on to perform his version of the Professors Nightmare. Eventually he pulled out a lemon, cut it open and the signed bill was found inside! He also performed the Hover Card and explained how easy it really is to perform and showed the members some small nuances to make it look and feel better when performing his great effect. He recommended making a bunch of cards ahead of time and Chris has them all ready to go when he needs them.