Secretary Report November 2016

Magic Beyond Belief was our 11th year of providing a family friendly public show this month.  Dan Rodriguez performed in his golf attire and produced many golf balls and clubs! Poor Dan’s shoes would fill up with sand and he would empty them just to have them fill up again.  Rod Wayne produced a gorilla from a doll house with a banana wand.  With his two helpers he lost a helium balloon, found it, and did a nice job with a gypsy balloon. He even perform the Kate and Edith card trick. Gregg Tobo multiplied numbers in his head out to the 5th power using random numbers from a Bingo Ball mixer, he is a human calculator.  Steve Aldrich hypnotized silks that would untie themselves and fall to the floor as picked by a spectator.  Next was his egg and silk routine. Finally his empty box kept producing silks and they would vanish and appear elsewhere.  Gene Gordon did the Miser’s Dream and twisted balloons with kids.  Jeff Jenson produced colorful umbrellas umbrellas and finish of with his wonderful card manipulation with a snowstorm ending.  Our MC, Matt Brandt amazed us in between set-ups with Bounce, Visine and a fantastic rope routine. William Rader a mentalist played the which hand game and ended up finding the objects hidden in their hand every time.  He also had a helper pick a random city, food, and attraction they would travel too.  His final written prediction matched perfectly!  Mysto the Magi produced numerous silks, doves appearing and disappearing followed by a nice Egg Bag routine.  The floating table he purchased from and estate sale got a thunderous applause.  Tommy Walker did magic in the lobby with Gene before the show and at the intermission.  Special thank you, Director, Andrew Bates.

Table Shenanigans and Bet-ches Night. Gene Gordon had a bouncy ball but the wand took out the bounce! Glenn Proulx moved a beer bottle with a $20 bill. Jean-Luc Romano did the squirting mustard gag. Gregg Tobo’s bar bet was can you turn 3 cups mouth up in 3 moves? Larry Betz showed a lot of funny dinner gags. Dan MacMillan vanished a saltshaker! John Luong made an American flag appear from half a clear water bottle! Will Rader found a person’s card from their thumb print and Jeff Jenson poured a sugar substitute in his fist and turned it into a Hershey kiss plus he performed his adorable sponge bunnies!