Table Magic

Table Magic Night was filled with many members volunteering to perform magic tricks or gags that could be performed after dinner with friends and family. Glenn Proulx did the linking paper clips with a bill or piece of paper, how to lift an empty beer bottle with a straw, ACAAN card trick, a TNR signed newspaper and he re-sealed and refilled an empty pop can, then he opened it and drank more pop. We got to see jumping toothpicks from Bob Schlageter. Thimble and scarf magic along with Bounce No Bounce balls, and how to pull out fibers from a bill from Gene Gordon. President Matt Brandt had a floating wine glass and a coin in a wine bottle routine. Prankster Larry Betz taught us how to make cranberry sauce with Gelatin, nuts and red food coloring. It will have no taste but fun to watch reactions when you tell your family that it is a recipe handed down for years! Take a pudding snack and replace the yummy pudding with Mayo and mustard then glue the top back on. Next, he thought it would be fun to stuff a Cornish Hen inside the turkey and say, “This one must have been pregnant!” Finally, empty out a vanilla ice cream container and fill it with mashed potatoes, nuts and cherries and serve it! William Rader performed tricks with dice, ring on rope, and an amazing cups and balls routine. Dave Neighbors did a Chinese coin and coin through table routine. Rodney Housley did an amazing job of Coins Across in mid air. After vanishing the coins from hand to hand and from pocket to pocket.